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"Like many other horse people, we’ve been using poultice after hard workouts and competition. However, after trying Back on Track leg wraps and ’sore no more’ liniment, our years of using poultice are over. The reason we switched is we’ve seen a dramatic improvement with these great products. The horses’ legs are tighter and cooler. 

Also, when using Back on Track and ’sore no more’ liniment, horses with white legs or sensitive skin don’t develop scurf or inflammation as they sometimes did with poultice. Plus, my grooms love it. It’s cleaner, easier and saves valuable time.
With the blankets, I notice quite a difference in how the horses move after they wear them. The horses feel looser and more relaxed in their bodies, which result in less warm-up time for me. For horses that tend to get sore backs and shoulders, the blanket helps a lot. In some cases we also use ’sore no more’ I can feel the improvement under the saddle and my groom’s note that the horses are less sensitive during the grooming process. I wholeheartedly recommend these products to everyone who has horses."

"This therapeutic saddle pad works great! From the very start of my ride, I feel that my horses’ back is very relaxed and more supple with the Back on Track saddle pad. I have also noticed that we are able to go longer in between veterinarian treatments on horses with some known back problems. The horses comfort and soundness is number one for me, that is why Back on Track is the way for my horses and myself. It works!"

- Anne Kursinski, Olympic rider: silver team medal in Seoul and Atlanta.


"We started using Back on Track products on our Grand Prix horses with such great results that I tried the Back on Track back brace on myself and it worked great. Now I use Back on Track all the time with our horses and for myself. I recommend Back on Track products to everyone with horses and for themselves."

- Margie Engle, 9 time Rider of the year and Olympic rider.


" . . . Our magnetic blanket broke . . . A friend lent us his ceramic Back on Track back pads and we used them in place of a magnetic blanket all summer. We felt that they worked remarkably well and were very light and easy to use while travelling. The horses do not sweat in the pads, but instead have an area of real warmth on the particular muscle group that you target . . .

We have a small Argentinean horse with a lot of soreness and muscle atrophy in his back. He lives in the back pad . . .

We also have a warm-blood mare with a very ’cold back’ who is extremely ’girthy’. She also lives in a ceramic sheet and is much easier to mount because of it."                                               



Chris Kappler, Olympic rider: gold team medal and silver individual in Athens.



"Everything has been excellent, by using the Back on Track leg wraps. We do a better job of the horse’s legs and we’ve stopped using poultice so it cuts down on the problem of drying out the legs and skin irritation.

When using the Back on Track blankets, we’ve noticed a great difference in the horses’ backs. We can go longer between the chiropractic treatments. This is a wonderful product 
that keeps our horses in great shape."                                                                                        
McLain Ward, Olympic rider: gold team medal in Athens.


"I like Back on Track products because anything that’s good for my horses is good for me. Back on Track leg wraps and back pads have proven themselves to me. We have been using them for a couple of years and I can say without reservation that my staff and I have seen a dramatic difference in our horses’ legs. We have used them on horses with chronic problems as well as on horses returning to work and I must say that we have had positive results on 100% of the horses."

- Beezie Madden, Olympic rider: gold team medal in Athens.




  “Hi, my husband Nick Moon show jumps professionally, three years ago we were given a back on track rug. We  used it on Eperlan du Fouquet a former famous puissance horse that came into our care, we had been warned that he may not survive as he has switched off, he wore the mesh sheet for a day and was a different horse. It was truly amazing to witness and we want to thank you for you incredibly rug I believe it helped save his life!! We then had our best horse whose leg broke down badly and again the vets suggested that putting him to sleep. He has since come back into full work jumping better than he ever has after persistent use of the back on track wraps and boots, he uses the boots in and out of the show ring now, on Sunday he jumped the 1.35 Douglas Bunn Challenge at Hickstead making it 8th in the lineup, we have never been so proud as it was a dream come true thanks so your product. We would recommend this treatment to anyone. We would love for you to use our horses as testimonies as we cannot thank you enough and believe so many more horses could be saved if they had access to this product. We are professional horse people, my husband teaches and runs clinics. We run a busy equestrian center and are out regularly competing, all our horses are from difficult backgrounds or have been given to us as dangerous. We work hard with all our horses and each with time, patience and kindness all help fulfill our dreams. Your product is invaluable to us and we would love to promote it for you as we believe every horse owner should have access to it.”

Jennie Moon


 Dressage Testimony


“Back on Track is the only saddle pad we show in! We feel Mariett shows her best while wearing the Back on Track Saddle pad. Not only do they look good, they truly help keep her back supple and relaxed!”