Trauma Void EQ3 Smooth Shell Helmet

An equine helmet designed with MIPS technology and a smooth outer shell, this helmet is easy to keep clean and provides it’s riders with comfort, style, and safety. 

Rosehip 1.5 lb Bag

The 1.5 lb bag of Rosehip is a 34-day supply and should be administered daily as part of your horse's health care regimen.

Performance Scarf

This unique scarf is made of two different fabrics: Welltex® and our new Iontex™ fabric which combine to create a highly elastic, breathable, and versatile product.

Therapeutic Turnout Sheet

Available in sizes 60" - 90". This waterproof turnout sheet uses our Welltex technology combined with 1680 denier, making it extremely strong and helping your horse stay dry.

$239.00 - $289.00
Therapeutic Mesh Dog Coat

This coat was designed with all dogs in mind - young, old, hard-working, and family pets. Made of breathable mesh material, we've lined the inside with our state-of-the-art Welltex material.

$79.00 - $109.00