Are You Getting A Dog? Not Without These Accessories

therapeutic horse back padIf you're adopting a dog for the first time, there are a few necessary products and accessories that can help your dog thrive in a new environment. Whether your new pooch is a puppy or a grumpy old man, here are some common products you need to ensure your new dog is comfortable.

A quality crate


It might seem cruel to keep your dog confined to a crate, but dogs are den animals. This means that they enjoy confined spaces. Not only does this keep your dog comfortable at night, but it also serves as a safe space during times of stress or pain. The perfect crate will give your dog just enough room to stand up and turn around, but it shouldn't be too large or they won't receive the benefits associated with a "den."


A therapeutic pet mat

This is especially important for older dogs who may be struggling with arthritis or other issues. A therapeutic pet mat will ensure your dog has a comfortable place to rest at the end of the day. It also ascertains that your dog won't feel discomfort from lying on a cold, hard floor. A therapy pet mat is a great choice for older dogs or dogs who are recovering from an injury.


A cozy coat


Rain, snow, and sleet happen. It's essential that you supply your dog with a cozy coat or back pad that will keep them comfortable in times of inclement weather. Ensure that the coat is insulated or lined with the appropriate material to promote a healthy temperature and dry environment.


First-aid products


Puppies are fragile and prone to accidents while older dogs may feel more stress than others. Did you know one in four dogs have arthritis? As such, you should always have the appropriate first-aid products for your new dog, regardless of age or condition. Hock splints for dogs and dog leg wraps can help with any swollen ankles or overstretched tendons. Whether you need a dog arthritis brace or a dog hock splint, rely on the quality products of Back On Track today.


Are you shopping for a new dog, an old horse, or an experienced rider? When you need therapeutic horse back pads, braces for calves, and blankets, rely on Back On Track Products to get the job done right. Our vast selection of therapeutic horse back pads and more will help all the animals in your life.




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