4 Reasons Why Animals and Humans Should Wear Support Braces

Available in a variety of materials and sizes, therapeutic braces are common treatment options for both athletes and animals. This type of health aid effectively decreases swelling, promotes recovery, and potentially reduces the risk of future injury.

As a proud provider of therapeutic brace products, we wanted to take the time to explain why you, your dog, or your horse could benefit from wearing a brace, even if there isn’t a severe injury involved. 

Braces reduce the risk of injury 

Active dogs, horses, and people shouldn’t let injuries slow them down. Braces are a great way to nurse the body back to health.  

But why not prevent the need for recovery in the first place? People and their physicians often question whether or not they should wear a brace to prevent injury. A brace may not stop injuries from happening, but it can certainly lessen the risk of injury or re-injury. For example, a basketball player can wear a leg support brace to keep one of their ankles or knees protected. Sports like basketball are physically demanding, as athletes experience explosive motion, constant running, and sudden stops. A brace can help the human body better absorb the impact of these movements, and the same goes for horses and dogs.   

Generally, the more active the person or animal, the greater the chance they’ll injure themselves at some point. A brace distributes the pressure on the joints, properly aligning them and providing compression. Athletes and animals in competition will typically wear braces during practice to prevent any damage before important events. 

In short, braces have both recuperative and preventative functions. They can provide a sense of comfort, confidence, and security, allowing you or your four-legged companion to perform at the highest level with fewer fears of injury. 

They soothe discomfort 

Pain doesn’t have to impair your mobility or keep you from daily activities. A brace helps you live your everyday life, minimizing pressure on your joints. A therapeutic back support brace, for instance, can help you work out by reducing strain. 

It’ll take time to adjust to the brace. You may only want to use it during periods of discomfort, but you’ll need to wear it consistently. When you correctly use it for an extended period of time, muscle tension disappears, and you start feeling like yourself again.  

If you’ve noticed that your dog or horse walks uncomfortably, it might be time to equip them with a brace. Like humans, animals can benefit from the reduction in strain. 

Back on Track’s braces feature Welltex technology, which uses the body’s energy to create a soothing effect that increases blood circulation and shortens the healing time. We infuse the long-wave infrared radiation technology into each product, and it lasts for the entire life of the product.  

They’re ideal after rehab (or combined with it) 

If you’re still feeling unstable, a brace gives you much-needed support after a rehabilitation program. While this type of program typically includes flexibility and strength training, a therapeutic brace helps you continue to minimize soreness and reduce the likelihood of future injuries. 

A brace’s purpose is to help control a joint’s motion and correct any structural deformities. While some types of braces decrease range of motion, they don’t necessarily stop you from exercising. An arm support brace, for example, simply prevents overload on the joints and tissue. They make exercise feel better, improving your comfort and overall quality of life. Additionally, snug leg wraps relieve arthritic symptoms in dogs, helping dogs to move as they normally would. 

A brace alone may not solve your soreness, which is why a combination of physical therapy and brace therapy is effective. Don’t worry, a physician or therapist will be able to tell you how often to wear your brace and how often to rest. When you wear a brace as instructed, you’re able to get the maximum benefits, and you’ll also be able to stay active. 

You can avoid major surgeries 

There’s no doubt that recovering after surgery is difficult. In fact, some want to avoid surgery at all costs. For some injuries, it may be easier to avoid the arduous recovery process and heal with a brace.   

If surgery has been recommended for you, your horse, or your dog, it may be difficult to decide whether or not an operation is immediately necessary. Sometimes, a brace can resolve the issue without requiring surgery. Let’s say you’re currently suffering from whiplash. A therapeutic neck support product can ease the stress by reducing inflammation and keeping your neck properly aligned. If you prefer not to undergo surgery, a brace can offer significant improvement. If you’ve already had an operation, a brace is also ideal post-treatment; you can effectively protect the area in which you had the procedure. 

Please note that a brace is not an all-purpose replacement for surgery. There are situations in which it can serve as an effective alternative, but you should consult with your doctor or veterinarian before deciding on your course of action. 


When you’re ready to purchase a brace, you have to be careful about choosing the right one. If you select a brace that doesn’t fit properly or doesn’t offer the amount of support that you or your animal need, it will impair the recovery process and possibly cause added damage. A brace shouldn’t be tight and negatively affect circulation; a proper fit can accelerate healing. At Back on Track, you’re certain to find a brace that suits your (or your animal’s) specific requirements.  

Back on Track carries a wide range of different therapeutic braces for dogs, horses, and humans. We understand that you’re looking for a product that suits specific needs, so we produce braces in numerous sizes for a variety of body parts. We’re proud to say that our braces are FDA-approved, and you can trust our products’ quality and consistency. The Welltex material retains its properties, so you can relax knowing the material’s technology will remain effective for years to come. Shop our large inventory of gear for horsesdogs, and humans today! 



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