Are You Getting A Dog? Not Without These Accessories

If you're adopting a dog for the first time, there are a few necessary products and accessories that can help your dog thrive in a new environment. Whether your new pooch is a puppy or a grumpy old man, here are some common products you need to ensure your new dog is comfortable.

Do Horses Get Cold? How To Care For Your Horse In The Winter


Horses are often seen grazing in the pasture, whether it's the high heat of summer of the chilliest days of winter. With their luxurious manes and rough hair, do these strong, large animals get cold when winter weather strikes? And how do you take care of your horse in the winter?

4 Pieces Of Equipment You Need For Backwoods Riding

When it's time to take your horse down the road less traveled, it's paramount that you pack the right equipment for the job. It's easy to hop on your horse and go but any trained equestrian will brings these four items to ensure the longer trip goes without a hitch (though you might want to bring a hitch).

4 Reasons Why Animals and Humans Should Wear Support Braces

A therapeutic brace offers a host of benefits for active dogs, horses, and people. We share 4 reasons why animals and humans should wear support braces.

Regain Your Confidence After a Horseback Riding Injury

Returning to riding after a bad fall can be physically and mentally challenging. We share top tips to regain your confidence after a horseback riding injury.

A Complete Guide to Our Therapeutic Blankets and Coats

Help your dog or horse recover from or prevent injury and strain! We share our tips for effectively choosing and using our therapeutic blankets and coats.

Common Injuries Among Equestrians (And How To Prevent Them!)

Like all sports, horseback riding is a fun activity that can result in bodily harm through a variety of ways. Countless horse riders are injured every year through accidents, repetitive motions, or basic slip and falls.

But what injuries are more likely to affect equestrians? Here are some injuries and accidents to look out for when you get on your horse.

Which Dog Breeds Need Coats in the Winter?

Winter is right around the corner and while many families are hitting the stores for coats, boots, and gloves to stay warm, our furry friends are beginning to grow their own winter coats.

Well, some of them are.

Some lucky breeds are built for the snow and are safely insulated by a second undercoat that grows during the winter months. But other breeds aren't as fortunate and need a helping hand when it comes to staying warm in chilly weather.

Five Common Horse Health Problems and How to Prevent Them

Sometimes, a vet can get your horse back to normal; unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Avoiding ailments is the best medicine, so we’re sharing five common horse health problems and how to prevent them. Please note that this is just a brief overview, meant to bring the following issues to your attention. We strongly encourage you to seek professional veterinary sources to learn more. 

3 Tools To Keep In Your Horse's Stable

Every equestrian knows the basics of horse stable maintenance but only successful horse owners have only the best of the best tools. Of course, you need the pitchfork, shovels, and wheelbarrows, but there are a few key tools that make your life as a horse owner easier.


When you want to improve the life of your horse and the ease of maintenance in the barn, use these three tools to make your job a breeze.

Back on Track Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… until you find yourself circling the mall with no idea what gifts to check off of your list! Cut down your shopping time this year with Back on Track’s Holiday Gift Guide. You can’t go wrong with this simple list of 8 must-shop items!

Horses 101: The Basics For Owning A Horse


Owning a horse is a great privilege, but no one said it would be easy. Even if you opt to board your horse, there are still plenty of factors that go into raising one properly. If you're interested in owning a horse, here are some basic facts you should know.

Limber Up® LiniMint™ by Back on Track® USA 2018 AMERICAN GRAPHIC DESIGN AWARDS WINNER

3 Things to Love About Limber Up

If you follow us, you’re already aware that our new liniment line, Limber Up, is all the rage. Long-standing Back on Track customers has been searching for a liniment in use with their favorite Back on Track wraps and braces to no avail until now! Staying true to the Back on Track commitment to providing excellent products that leverage the power of nature for healing, the new Limber Up line follows in the footsteps of its predecessors in providing an alternative route to healing. Below, check out 3 Things to Love About Limber Up!


5 Must-Have Back on Track Products for Fall

Brown sugar, pumpkin spice, and everything… chilly? As the leaves fall, the temperature falls with it for much of the country. For all of you equestrian riders, sports fanatics, and lovers of the outdoors, this means it’s time to thicken up your gear so you can enjoy your favorite activities as normal. Check out these five Back on Track products that are made to keep you moving during those cold weather activities!

Wraps and Boots for Protecting Your Horse's Legs

Happy horses are busy horses, but trail riding, jumping, events, rodeos, drafting, cattle work, and more can put a lot of strain on a horses' legs. Luckily, there are many products available designed specifically for protecting your horse from the risks of day-to-day activities. Here are just a few products available for use on a horse's lower extremities:

What Is Hock Instability In Dogs And How Do I Fix It?

If you notice a change in the behavior of your pet, one of the primary causes of a mood change is a reaction to injury. An injured pet may show a number of mood swings, changes in general behavior, or other forms of sensitivity due to pain. 

A hock joint injury is common, particularly in athletic dogs. This is similar to the hock joint in humans. But what is hock instability and how do you fix it? 

How To Recognize Arthritis In Your Dog (And How To Help!)

As your perfect pooch ages, you might start to notice signs of a struggle in their daily activities. If you're worried your pet might have mobility problems, here's how to recognize arthritis in your dog. 

Why Is My Dog Limping? Injuries To Watch For

Roughly 44% of all households in the United States have a dog, so if you're worried about making sure your pet is in the best health possible, you're not alone. Seeing man's best friend limping can be a cause for concern. Usually, it's no big deal; dogs rough-house all the time, and it's very possible that your pet may have just landed a step slightly off or has a pebble caught in their toe pads. If your dog is still limping after a few moments, here are some potential causes and what you can do to help them.

3 Essential Products Your Horse Shouldn't Go Without!

 Your horse works tirelessly to aid you in your daily ventures. Between performances, working, and training, your horse needs the best love and care to stay healthy. To ensure your horse is getting the best treatment for their injuries and downtime, here are three products a hardworking horse simply shouldn't go without.

3 Fun Warm-Ups for Your Pup's Best Workout Performance

One huge way we improve our exercise routines is by warming up and stretching before and after workouts. And yet, fitness enthusiasts who bring their dogs along often forget that animal muscles need to be warmed up, too. To help your dog avoid muscle damage and to help her have the most enjoyable workout possible, follow these three steps.