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Our Scarf is made of thin, soft material that has been infused with our Welltex technology. The soothing far infrared effect that is created by your own body's energy helps to keep your neck warm and your muscles relaxed and loose. Wear this as an every day, practical scarf, or save it for special occasions. 

Included: One Scarf

Colors: Light Grey with White Fringe, Dark Grey with Black Fringe, or Cream

Sizing: One size fits all

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Susan, 09/18/2013

LOVE my scarf. It travels with me in the car, even in the heat of the summer. Keeps my neck and shoulders from being as tired and sore on the long drives. Great product!

Reviewed by Amy, 02/25/2013

I've had this scarf for around 8 mos. It's one of my go to scarves. In fact I have a rough time keeping it clean b/c it gets me so warm I make it "ripe" from my constant use. I bought it for my neck &s houlder injury. It does actually get achey at times from over use after I've worked out and I wear the scarf afterward. It is my goal to get as much blood flow to the area as possible. I believe this does the job better than a regular scarf or wrap. It can be dressed up (if I stopped wearing it to the gym), or casual. I'm buying a second!

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