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$49.00 - $73.50

The Back on Track Riding Gloves are durable and use our Welltex technology to keep your hands and fingers warm and relaxed while working outdoors. This technology uses your body's energy to create a soothing far infrared effect which may help to improve blood flow and relief discomfort related to arthritis, or stiff joints in the hands or fingers. 

Included: Pair of Gloves. If interested in a double pack, please call Customer Service at 888-758-9836.

Colors: Black 

Sizing: Please view our sizing chart for instructions on how to measure your body.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by , 03/15/2015

I love the BOT riding gloves. I struggle with the circulation in my fingers and often have cold fingers. They are great for helping to keep my hands warm when riding especially at outside competitions in November in western Canada. I would recommend them to any rider. I plan to look into other products to use in the future for other sports related injuries and aches.

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