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Back on Track's Gloves may be a great solution for those suffering from arthritis in their hands or poor circulation in their fingers. Through the use of Welltex technology, our gloves use your body's own energy to create a soothing far infrared effect which helps to improve blood flow and relieve discomfort in muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. These gloves can be worn on their own for help with relief of arthritis soreness, and are comfortable to sleep in. The gloves are also great as a liner when wearing them for any outdoor activities.

Included: Pair of Gloves

Colors: Black 

Sizing: Measure the circumference of your knuckles at the base of your fingers. That measurement is the width of your hand. Measure from the top of the middle finger to the wrist. That measurement is the length of your hand. Please view our sizing chart for further instructions on how to measure your body.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kate S, 10/04/2016

As a sufferer of Reynaud's accompanied by pain, swelling & stiffness from Lyme disease damage, broken fingers (a rider for 15 yes) & wrist surgeries, as well as a former bass player these gloves are a God send!!
My Reynauds is so severe that when a flare happens I loose all circulation to my fingers/ hand(s). NOTHING helps & I cannot describe the pain that accompanies the circulation returning after a flare.
Cold weather or items (I avoid the freezer section of the grocier!) are the worst but on occasion I'll flare when its hot out too.
The old way was to tough it out, or run my hands under warm water while kneadding/
rubbing the tissue. PAINFUL!
The BOT gloves have been amazing in both preventing flare ups, stopping them from progressing & restoring circulation after a flare.
Not to mention the great job they do after showing the dogs, bathing them or trying to just do the day to day stuff! Without them the swelling, stiffness & pain is extreme, with them @ bed it's so much better.
Highly recommend them to anyone with circulation or arthritis issues. Also AWESOME for musicians as a warm up, between sets or after the gig to keep your hands in top playing shape.
Might I suggest BOT make a slim, stretchy, grippy palmed fingerless version for farriers, musicians etc!

Reviewed by Jennider, 02/11/2015

I've had many stress fractures in my hand & thanks to Back on Track gloves, I can get my rings on faster after the casts are removed. I also can tell a big difference if my hands are bothering me & I put the gloves on. Within 15-20 minutes, the gloves help ease the pain. I highly recommend these gloves

Reviewed by Mary P, 12/31/2014

I have been using Back on Track products for my horses for years. So I decided to buy these glove liners because I suffer from arthritis and poor circulation in my hands. So at -25 degrees (yes that's negative) this morning the liners were put to the test. I fed horses and cleaned stalls for two hours in these frigid temps and my hands NEVER got cold. This is a first and by all accounts astonishing. My hands are always the first things to succumb to the cold, but not today. I am truly amazed and grateful. Thanks for such a remarkable product.

Reviewed by Tammy Vick, 03/04/2012

I have had 40 surgeries in the last 13 years above and beyond tons of injuries over the years, so not only do I have tendon problems, I now have degenerative arthritis. I've rodeoed my entire life and been rather hard on my body. I've used so many other products trying to find something that will ease the pain in my joints and muscles, nothing has ever worked as good at Back on Track. My hands can be so swelled up I can't even see my knuckles, and they are red and so bad I can't even make a loose fist. I can put the gloves on and within about 30-45 minutes, sometimes not even that long, I can already make a tight fist and see my knuckles again. It is absolutely amazing how well all of the products work.

Reviewed by Fran, 12/04/2011

BRILLIANT gloves. I have Reynaud's as well as some arthritis in my hands. My fingers are usually so cold, well water feels warm. The very 1st time I wore them ... sounds weird, but I could actually feel things that were cold!! They have kept my fingers warm even for an extended time after taking the gloves off (just got them). I tried these before I got any horse products ... will be getting socks, horse and dog products now!

Reviewed by Debbie, 12/03/2011

I am ordering a second pair because I keep these by my bedside and I find I'd like a pair downstairs as well. I was taking Aleve to relieve knuckle pain and I found that I don't need the Aleve when using these gloves. I've been using these for 6 months and, although skeptical at first, now I'm a believer!

Reviewed by Kathleen, 05/03/2011

Everybody should have a pair! Your products seem to keep my horse happy, so I tried these for myself. Inside other gloves you are guaranteed warm hands. In addition to that your hand don't feel tired or get achy.

Reviewed by Shar, 04/28/2011

These are awesome!
I have Lupus. I use to wake up every morning with pain and swelling in both my hands.
I couldn't even close my hands in the morning. My husband purchased these gloves for me and I wear them every night. I now have no pain or swelling when I wake up! These gloves have made a huge difference in my pain. I will be purchasing other items very soon. I'm going to get the socks next!

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