Women's Long Johns

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$49.00 - $85.50

Women looking for relief from soreness in their groin, hip, and leg muscles may benefit from the Back on Track Women's Long Johns. With the use of our Welltex technology, these Long Johns use your body's energy to create a soothing far infrared effect. They come in two fabric options: cotton/polyester and polypropylene. Both fabrics are known for their durability and effectiveness in wicking away sweat and humidity. Due to their excellent wicking qualities, this garment is well suited as an extra layer during physical activities.

Included: One Pair of Long Johns
Color: Black 
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by SCWDressage, 04/09/2013

These are very functional. I sleep in them when I am showing or clinicing in the winter. Haven't tried wearing them under my breeches yet but don't think they'd fit very well-the crotch could be better designed. Nice feel, silky.

Reviewed by Kate, 01/08/2013

I love the polyester ones and do wear them all day long AND for riding. They are nice and thin, feel so silky on the legs and are not bulky under breeches.

Reviewed by Linda Loren, 03/25/2012

I bought the polyester fabric. I put them on as soon as I get out of bed and wear them till I leave for the barn. They really help warm up my muscles. I only wish that I could ride in them. But the seam up the crotch is not stretchy, so I would not try and ride in them.

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