Women's Boxer Shorts

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$38.00 - $67.50

Our Women's Boxer Shorts are made with our Welltex technology, using your body's energy to create a soothing far infrared effect. This effect may help relieve groin and hip discomfort as well as improve mobility. 

Included: One Pair of Boxers

Colors: Black 

Sizing: Sizes are determined based on your pant size. Please view our sizing chart for further instructions on how to measure your body.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Georgette Topakas, 07/25/2016

My boxer shorts were purchased to help with the recovery from hip replacement surgery. After 2 days I'm already feeling improvement in pain levels and mobility. I've always been a fan of their horse products and am glad I branched into their human line.

Reviewed by Margi Baldwin Moore, 03/20/2015

I just received my boxers and have worn them twice. My back and hip pain is gone. When I change out of them the pain returns. I would have never believed it if I hadn't worn them myself. I'm sold and am purchasing two more pairs immediately!

Reviewed by Terry, 03/05/2015

My daughter went to physical therapy most of her high school basketball season last year. This year she wore the BOT boxer shorts and never had pain. I could see the difference in her speed and agility not being in pain. Only complaint from her is she'd like to see a longer inseam..more like the longer spandex. I have since ordered elbow sleeves, wrist sleeve and socks. We are hooked.

Reviewed by SB, 01/05/2015

Boxer shorts: I do not dread winter any longer and a tight and painful lower back. I just ordered my second pair, to wear at work.

Reviewed by Bastiansmom, 11/20/2014

I just fractured my hip in an unfortunate parting of ways with my horse and as soon as I came home from the ER I purchased a pair of these and they are incredible. They have really helped to deal with the swelling, muscle soreness and pain. The sizes do run small, otherwise they are amazing. I also own the back pad for my horse and I sleep on it regularly-always waking up feeling refreshed and loose in the morning! Thank you Back On Track!!

Reviewed by Tracy, 08/07/2014

I have been having terrible hip pain for several years and making regular visits to my chiropractor. I would frequently have days of such great pain that walking was difficult. I got a pair of BOT boxers 3 1/2 months ago and have not had a debilitating day since. I'm SOLD.

Reviewed by SCWDressage, 04/09/2013

Simply awesome, and really keep my hips and low back loose. Also very cute. More colors please!

Reviewed by Ellie Scofield, 03/16/2013

I have previously torn a tendon at my hip, plus hip joint arthritis and bursitis - tried the ladies boxers overnight and had a noticeable improvement the first day!! I couldn't believe it. I will keep wearing them. Just like the earlier poster, I hope this will help eliminate the need for steroid injections and put off the talk of hip replacement!

Reviewed by bronwyn, 07/10/2011

I have a torn cartilage and tendon in my hip joint and needed an operation, started wearing the boxers as I am a farmer and ride horse's, have had multiple steroid injections into the joint and have found that wearing the boxers have given me more mobility and has reduced the pain some so will continue wearing them up to and after my operation. Thanks. I also use all the horse products and most of the human products as well and swear by them hugely.

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