V-Neck Shirt (Women's)

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$47.00 - $82.50

Back on Track's V-Neck Shirt is a stylish, stretch shirt that is cut to fit women and made from high-quality materials. Made from cotton and polyester with spandex, as well as our state-of-the-art Welltex material, it is comfortable to wear and may help relieve tension in your back and shoulders. 

Included: One Shirt

Colors: Black or White 

Sizing: To find your size, measure around your chest and view our sizing chart for further instructions on how to find your size. This shirt is form fitting and true to size. 

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Beth, 02/13/2015

Love this shirt! It is snug and form fitting in your regular size. I wear mine to bed. When I take it off in the morning, I feel cold. I want to put it back on! Today was very cold, so I wore it under my clothing. I can definitely feel the heat and the relaxation in my shoulders. I had been having neck and shoulder pain, and this shirt has really helped. I want to get the white one for summer!

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