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$47.00 - $82.50

The Back on Track T-Shirt provides soothing comfort that is particularly helpful for shoulder and upper back discomfort. With Back on Track's state-of-the-art Welltex material, our T-Shirt may be helpful for sore muscles, joints, and tendons. This T-Shirt may be worn prior to exercise to loosen and warm up muscles. Some people wear it in the winter for additional warmth.

Included: One T-Shirt

Colors: Black or White

Sizing: Our T-Shirts run in unisex sizing. To find your size, measure around the chest, and view our sizing chart for further instructions on how to determine your size.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Gina c., 02/10/2017

BOT products are terrific! Bought the t shirts for my fiancé and myself and they have made a great difference. I don't wake up tense and tight. Great quality. I then bought a bunch of BOT for my horses. I truly believe these products have made a difference for them also. I am thrilled!

Reviewed by Tammy, 11/11/2014

I have reoccurring kidney stones and pain. After buying this t-shirt my pain levels have decreased dramatically!! I sleep in the shirt most nights. I'm a firm believer in this product! I splurged for my horses too!!

Reviewed by SCWDressage, 04/09/2013

These run pretty big, a loose fitting shirt without any shape. The material is excellent and thick, looks like it will hold up well, but way too big for me even with the xsmall so I am exchanging for the women's vneck.

Reviewed by Sue G, 05/27/2012

Love Back on Track products. I have the T-Shirt (long & Short sleeve), knee brace and briefs. My dog also has the mesh coat. Have recommended products and have given them as gifts. Can't say enough about the products!

Reviewed by Lisa R., 12/13/2011

This shirt is amazing! It really works!! I love the warmth.

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