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The Back on Track Mini Blanket is 20" x 27" of soothing goodness! This is one of our most versatile products because it can be used in so many different ways. Made with our state-of-the-art Welltex material, the Mini Blanket works with your body's energy to provide a soothing effect to sore muscles, tendons, and joints. This well-recognized method has also been used for improving blood flow and reducing inflammation. 

Here are just a few ways to enjoy the Back on Track Mini Blanket:

  • Roll it up and use it as a neck rest
  • Wrap it around aching limbs
  • Position it in a chair or bed to target aches
  • Use it as a lap blanket or comfort cushion while working, driving, or in a wheelchair
  • Use inside a pillowcase or as a pillow overlay

Whatever you do, don't let your dog or cat find it because you'll never get it back! 

Included: One Mini Blanket

Colors: Black or Grey

Sizing: This blanket comes in one size, 20" x 27".

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Judy, 08/17/2017

I feel like Linus walking around with my mini blanket! I love it! And, so does my dog! I just ordered a second one today so we each have our own!

Reviewed by Kate S, 10/04/2016

So versital!
Has been a lifesaver not just for myself (back, neck, leg & headache/tmj issues) but for friends I've loaned it to, as well as many of my dogs. Including one with very advanced spinal degeneration & degeneritive arthritis of the hip/spine juncture.
I've used it under her fleece blankets & the change & relief is beyond anything pharmaceuticals have been able to give her.
I have just ordered her & my collie (2 of the 6 dogs currently owned) both their own dog blankets.
This mini blanket is great start to someone wanting to try the BOT products (one of the first I got) or an excellent tool in the chest of those whom already have other BOT products!

Reviewed by Dee, 11/05/2015

This product helps keep my knees warm and ache free. Only draw back is my dog likes it as well and it has helped him as well.

Reviewed by Heather J, 06/10/2015

I love this thing. It goes with me everywhere. I have degenerative disk disease (at 27) in my neck amongst a myriad of other issues and this helps alleviate much of the pain and tension in my neck and back. I don't go anywhere without it.

Reviewed by Brenda, 03/28/2015

I bought this blanket for my dog to put on top of her dog bed. I had been using a heating pad, but was afraid to leave it plugged in when I wasn't home. Greatest purchase ever! I just wish I had bought two - she and the cat are constantly posturing to see who gets it next. They've even shared it! I think I'll be buying another one very soon!

Reviewed by Heidi, 11/04/2014

I've never had a "woobie," but I want to take this mini blanket with me everywhere. So do my dogs. :)

Reviewed by Deanna, 05/29/2014

I used this on my lower back for a flight last month and landed feeling comfortable and refreshed. Amazing relief! I also sleep on it when my back is sore or achy.

Reviewed by Dee, 03/23/2013

I bought this for my knees and it works great. I normally used a flannel blanket folded 6 times and it took an hour to warm my knees. I use this mini blanket and within 5 minutes my knees are toasty. There is only one problem, I left it on the couch and my dog has now claimed it! Because my dog doesn't go around things, he likes to go through it, he has two injuries (his toe and elbow) I bought a pair of the socks and modified one for a boot and elbow wrap. He is now walking better then he has in two years. He is back to working cattle (His choice) like he did before his injuries. Great product.

Reviewed by skippersmom, 05/23/2012

I took this with me to a show 2 weekends ago. I had loaded all my own gear, drove 5 hours, unloaded and set up. Walked my cross country course twice. Rode all 3 phases of the event in 1 day [due to weather issues] I felt awful that night. Could hardly move and feared how I might feel the next a.m. Wondered if I could even get out of bed. I tucked this mini-blanket in under my PJ top and down my back to the sacral area & went to bed. Fell into a dead sleep. The next a.m. I got out of bed and walked about 5 steps and stopped in my tracks. I realized that I had absolutely NO neck or back soreness. I had not taken any Tylenol or NSAIDs either. Nothing!!! It was amazing. [wore the socks too so my feet felt great!] Now I know why my horse loves his BOT mesh sheet!!!

Reviewed by Megan Kelly, 10/10/2011

I just bought myself the mini blanket yesterday. I used it while sitting on the couch last night then slept on it and the difference in my sleep was incredible. My SI joint is full of scar tissue from a car accident and causes me a lot of pain and discomfort. I haven't slept
that well without pain medication in years.

Reviewed by intrepid05, 04/28/2011

Great product!
I purchased the mini blanket so that I could use it as well as my dog. Great product. Both of us like it !

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