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Like our Dickey Bib, our Back on Track Neck Cover may help those who are suffering from whiplash or other neck-related injury. Our Neck Cover has been designed in partnership with the Swedish Patient Rehabilitation Organization specifically for whiplash sufferers. Our Welltex technology reflect your body's energy, providing a soothing far infrared effect and helping to reduce inflammation, ease muscle tension, and increase blood circulation. The neck piece fastens around your neck with the use of a hook and loop fastener. For best results, we recommend wearing our Neck Cover in direct contact with your skin. If you also have shoulder discomfort, combine the Neck Cover with our T-shirt or Long Sleeve Shirt for maximum benefit. 

Included: One Cover

Colors: Black 

Sizing: Please view our sizing chart for instructions on how to measure your body.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Melanie, 10/14/2016

I was diagnosed awhile back with a large bulging disc. The pain would radiate into my shoulder and arm then numbing fingers. The tylenol and advil were not controlling the pain. With the BOT, I no longer have to take anything for pain management. It's awsome.

Reviewed by Lee, 01/20/2016

This has helped for my neck pain. I also got the t-shirt.

Reviewed by Karen, 10/16/2015

After developing neck pain due to arthritis I tried the neck cover out of desperation for relief. I slept in it and woke up with no neck pain! It really works to relax tight muscles. I've recommended it to 2 other people with neck pain and both of them are purchasing a neck cover after trying mine.

Reviewed by Rhonda, 08/06/2015

I broke my neck a few years ago and so I suffer from neck pain/stiffness fairly often. I bought this because I strongly believe in all Back On Track products and what they have done for my horses, and I have to say it has helped a ton! I suffer from migraine headaches as well as part of the repercussions from my accident and I try to put this on everyday and it helps the pain and stiffness. I've noticed a decrease in the number of migraines I'm getting. I highly recommend for anyone suffering from neck pain.

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