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$62.00 - $65.00

The Back on Track Back Brace is a best-seller for a reason! In addition to providing support for your lower back, our product uses Welltex technology, which uses your body's energy to create a far infrared thermal effect and may help to provide relief to tight or sore lower back muscles. This product was designed with comfort in mind. The narrow front makes it comfortable to wear, whether you are sitting, bending over, or standing. The removable pad in the back fills up the curves around your spine for maximum body contact. The Back on Track Back Brace is FDA Approved.

Included: One Brace

Colors: Black 

Sizing: To determine your size, measure around your waist. Please view our sizing chart for further sizing instructions.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by AthenaM, 09/01/2015

I have a history of Subluxed vertebrae in my lower back, which means my vertebrae pop out of alignment (really painful!!) and after a bad fall off my horse, my back has just been terrible. I was at my local Greenhawk and saw the back brace so I decided to try it and honestly, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've noticed a difference, my coach has noticed a difference in my position and my chiropractor has noticed a difference (because I don't have to see him as much haha). This brace had me go from feeling like (and walking like) an 80 year old with a bad back, to the 16 year old that I am who now doesn't have to say "I can't do that because my back is sore"

I would totally recommend the back brace and all BOT products (I'm saving up for a knee brace for myself and some hock boots for my mare because I love these products so much)

Reviewed by Bri, 07/15/2015

I bought my back brace on a whim about 3 years ago from a tack sale! I worked at a small store as cashier and on slow days, after everything was done, all i could do was stand. This did a real number on my back, had me in tears some days! I put this brace on and let out a big huge sigh of relief. I LOVE this thing! It has held up great for everything i do as well! Considering gifting it to a friend of mine and buying the extra support one! Everyone i have let try it felt immediate and long term relief!

Reviewed by Abbie Owen, 12/14/2014

Best thing I have ever bought!
I suffer with severe muscle spasm and back pain. I though I would try a back on track back brace just too see if it had any effect! I had a full night's sleep for the first time in at least a year! Highly recommend trying one out!!

Reviewed by Margo Maloney DVM, 03/04/2012

This back brace has really helped alleviate the back muscle spasms I have had due lower back disk disease and arthritis. Really works!

Reviewed by DJ, 05/03/2011

Back Saver!!!!!! I have had a really bad back for the last two years now. I have been to massage therapy and it never seems to help in the long term. I have had the back brace for 8 months now & out of the 8 months I only wore it for the first couple months as my back was sore all the time. I now will only have to wear it every so often as my back isn't sore all the time. I totally recommend this product to anyone and everyone. I am a rider and sometimes my lower back gets stiff the next day after riding so I put on the back brace and within seconds I can feel the muscles relaxing

Reviewed by Lindsey, 05/03/2011

Great product. I found this product about 2 years after having back surgery. It is great! Keeps my back loose. On cold, damp days, before using this back brace I would have to take 4-8 Motrin just to get through. Now I do not have take any and I am even able to ride on these days!

Reviewed by Pat, 04/28/2011

Unbelievable relief!
This back brace went to work the instant I put it on - I could hardly believe how it helped my back pain. I wore it every day for about 2 weeks then just as needed. It is the best product I have ever used and I would recommend it to anyone with back pain.

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