Knee Brace with Strap

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$33.00 - $52.50

If you suffer from discomfort in your knees whether from arthritis, injury, or simply overuse, the Back on Track Knee Brace may help to reduce discomfort. Our state-of-the-art Welltex technology within the brace's material reflects your body's own energy to create a soothing far infrared effect, stimulating blood flow and reducing inflammation. Our Knee Brace is thin and smooth, not bulky, allowing it to be worn under clothing. Elasticized edges located at the top and bottom of the brace allow you to easily pull the brace up your leg and help to keep the Knee Brace in place. The Back on Track Knee Brace is FDA Approved.

Included: One Brace

Colors: Black 

Sizing: Please view our sizing chart for instructions on how to measure your body.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Holly Matlock, 12/19/2016

My knee cap is out of place and Dr told me I needed surgery. I bought this knee brace and wear it to bed every night and my pain is gone. I love back on track for my horse and me.

Reviewed by Isabelle Tremblay, 09/05/2016

This knee brace saved my knee! Whenever I run longer than 15k I have pain after, so I wear the brace for 3 hours after my run, and the pain is gone

Reviewed by Emily Grove, 04/07/2016

I was so skeptical about BOT products, but I just bought this brace and have been wearing it for about 3 hours and within a half hour I became a believer! My knee feel so much better!!!

Reviewed by Steve Hawkins, 03/14/2016

03/14/16. Sitting here wearing BOT long johns & with a sore knee. Will be happy when the brace arrives. I am 62yrs. old with a 25 yr. old outlook. I now own SEVEN BOT product made for people AND THEY WORK. Note: I use a seamstress measuring tape for accuracy.

Reviewed by Dee, 11/05/2015

I just bought the knee brace after a knee injury. In the few days I have had it, I love it. It certainly helped with the aching sore knee.Keeps it nice and warm. Washes well.

Reviewed by Gloria Leopard, DVM, 05/03/2015

I started using BOT on horses then started on me. Best products out there for chronic inflammation. Love these knee braces after having bilateral ACL repair several years ago.

Reviewed by Melina, 11/17/2013

I recently tore my minicus during boot camp doing lunges. It catches when I rotate to my left. I'm hoping I don't need surgery. From the reading I have done if the tear is in the red zone around the edge in a few weeks it can heal with RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). However, I took a few days off and did the above. Wore the brace and continue to run, minus the lunges. Wish me luck. I'm going to follow-up with an Orhtopedist later in the week. The brace feels good with the lateral supports and helps prevent that lateral rotation I accidently do which is causing the severe pain when it catches..

Reviewed by Lisa, 10/17/2013

I just got my knee brace yesterday and I love it! I wore it out to the barn this morning and I can already see an improvement in my knee! I can't wait to try it out at work and see if it'll live up to my vet tech job, but I don't have any doubts that it will not fail me! I will recommend all back on track products to my friends and family!

Reviewed by Ruth Babb, 10/08/2013

A friend mentioned your products when I told her about my 84 yr old mother's leg problems. She felt they were always cold and often experienced restless leg syndrome. I bought a pair of your People Socks on her recommendation and gave them to my mother. She LOVES them! They have worked to aleviate the sense of cold in her legs and she no longer experiences restless leg syndrome. These socks have worked when nothing else did. Amazing!

Reviewed by Rizky, 09/13/2012

04/20/2012:This knee brace works. I had an ACL replaced and it keeps your knee in place while you recover from surgery and you can wear it anytime you feel like your knee is going to give you problems later in life. Now I have either arthritis or gout in my same knee. I slap it on and the pain goes away and take it off and I'm ready for another 6 months. Better than any pain pill. Thanks for the brace.

Reviewed by Trisha DeRosa, 09/06/2012

This is an amazing product!! A huge help in my ACL replacement surgery recovery... and very comfortable to ride in!!

Reviewed by Jessica Heidemann, 05/24/2012

"I just wanted to say Thank you. I am an upper-level Eventer who just had ACL reconstructive surgery. I've been wearing my Back on Track Knee Brace constantly between icings and no one can believe how amazing my knee looks! The swelling and range of motion are way ahead of where everyone thought I'd be."

Reviewed by Sharon Rice, 12/01/2011

LOVE this brace. Very comfortable to wear. Felt a difference in my knee the first time I used it. I ride horses and was a gymnast so have put a lot of stress on my knees. Had issues with bending down and getting back up. After a few uses was not having anywhere near the concern on getting back up. Gave one to my son for his knee and had to order another for him. Can't say enough about this brace.

Reviewed by deb borra, 10/04/2011

Same show - Saugerties NEDA
Heard someone raving about the "people" socks and how much less pain they were in after wearing them just two days. Bought a pair of socks out of curiosity and loved them after an hour of putting them on. The swelling in my ankles was totally down for the first time in YEARS. Everyone is getting a pair of "something" for Xmas - including the horses!
Great products that really works!

Reviewed by Jan Chudosky, 09/27/2011

While at HITS-Saugerties in September 2011, I overheard someone raving about your "People Products". Stopped by the booth there
and picked up one of your knee braces. One word: AMAZING! I have arthritis in both knees, as well as a torn meniscus in one - I wear the
brace on the really bad knee while sleeping and the difference is unbelievable in the morning, carries me thru most of the day, and the
positive effects are lasting longer with each wearing.
I don't want to wear it all the time for fear I'll break the spell! The woman that sold me the brace told me most people that buy one, come back for another - she's right! I want two!!!
Thank you, BOT!

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