Elbow Brace

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If you suffer from tennis elbow, tendonitis, or discomfort in the joints and tendons of your elbows, our Back on Track Elbow Brace may provide you with relief. Using our state-of-the-art Welltex technology, our Elbow Brace uses your body's energy to create a soothing far infrared effect, which may bring relief to joint or tendon aches. The technology is known for improving blood flow and reducing inflammation. The Back on Track Elbow Brace is FDA Approved.

Included: One Brace

Colors: Black 

Sizing: Start at the crease of your elbow and measure 3 inches up, then measure the circumference of your upper arm at that point. Match that measurement to the chart. Please view our sizing chart for further instructions on how to measure your body.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Crystal, 09/08/2012

After seeing how well your products worked on my barrel horse, I was convinced to try them on myself. With only three days of using the elbow brace my tendonitis was much improved and finally pain free! Thanks for such wonderful products!

Reviewed by Kyla Clarke, 10/03/2011

I adore your products! I thought I'd try the human products on my mom who has severe tennis elbow/trigger finger (no joke!) She is now only using your brace and wakes up without her hand in a locked position! Phenomenal!!! THANK YOU BOT!

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