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The Back on Track Ankle Brace takes things a step further by not only providing the stability and support that comes with any ankle brace, but by leveraging Welltex technology, which provides therapeutic support to your ankle. Welltex technology uses your own body's energy to create a soothing far infrared effect, providing relief to sore muscles. Our Ankle Brace also exposes the heel, providing a comfortable fit for any foot. The Back on Track Ankle Brace is FDA approved.

Included: One Brace

Colors: Black 

Sizing: Please view our sizing chart for instructions on how to measure your body.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jessica, 05/02/2017

This brace is fantastic. I bought it after being desperate to find something that would help with my pain, caused by three torn ligaments and nerve damage. I noticed a difference after the first day, and now, after using it for a few months, I've gotten confirmation it's helped accelerate the healing to my damaged nerves. I highly recommend this brace if you have ankle pain and/or inflamation!

Reviewed by Kayla, 10/03/2016

I broke my ankle when I was 7 and a bone chip healed to my growth plate. My ankle has always had swelling and would hurt after a day on my feet. I have been though physical therapy and over 50 differnt braces. I just bought this brace today and i can already feel the difference! It feels amazing! I cant wait to buy some stuff for my horse and dog! Thank you Back On Track for the amazing product!

Reviewed by Lyne, 07/24/2016

My friend gave me the ankle brace as a gift in January, and it is amazing. Really helps my pain. Thank you.
I know Back On Track's products cause I bought a coat for my JRT 3 years ago that really helped her and now that she has passed, her daughter is now wearing it. Thank you. xoxox

Reviewed by Rebecca V, 02/16/2016

I got a pair of ankle braces due to chronic swelling due to medical issues as well as an old injury (Clydesdale stepped on me). This is quite honestly the best product I have found in the last 12 years to treat my problems. Thank you Back On Track!

Reviewed by Emma, 05/16/2014

I sustained a nasty break to my fibula on Christmas of last year (2013) and then ended up having to have 4 screws and a plate put in because it wasn't healing correctly. Now it has been almost 4 months after surgery and I was still experiencing lots of inflammation, soreness, and stiffness. After just 4 hours of wearing a Back On Track ankle brace, I noticed a difference in the amount of inflammation and better (with less pain) range of motion. I'm impressed. I'll most likely be purchasing BOT products for my horse as well!

Reviewed by K, 09/11/2013

I love this brace! I got it about three weeks after a nasty broken ankle and the resulting surgery. I still had a lot of swelling and pain. Within a couple days my swelling was drastically decreased and my ankle was much more comfortable. I'm a big believer and look forward to picking up some products for my horse!

Reviewed by Reane kelly, 06/16/2011

This ankle brace is amazing, I have had Achilles tendonitis for some time and have tried everything to see if I could make it better. I did PT, massage and even got my own hand held ultrasound. It had gotten so bad that the pain was working its way up to my knee with the calf being complete knot. Once I started wearing this brace all that pain and swelling was gone within a couple of weeks. I would recommend this product and I plan on buying a neck brace.

Reviewed by Suezq, 04/28/2011

Great ankle brace. I had very extensive foot surgery that left me with swelling and tendonitis from the knee down. It hurt to just touch my leg. My PT tried ultrasound therapy, massage, compression stockings. She suggested this product to me. Within a week the tendonitis was gone, the swelling is slowing disappearing, and I feel so much better. I highly recommend this ankle brace. I also got the socks to wear with the ankle brace to get some of the swelling out of my foot. The heat from the fabric feels so good when hurting as much as I was. Thanks!

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