Therapeutic Dressage Saddle Pad

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$69.00 - $103.50
With all of the benefits of our Therapeutic All Purpose Saddle Pad, Back on Track's Dressage Saddle Pad utilizes our Welltex technology to reflect your horse's own body energy promoting increased blood flow and helping to keep your horse's back muscles loose and relaxed. Our Saddle Pads are breathable and wick away sweat.

Included: One Pad. (Navy and Burgundy not available in Double Packs)

Colors: Black, White, Navy, or Burgundy

Sizing: 22" spine x 21" drop.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Beth, 06/18/2016

I originally bought this for my mare- she's a TB dressage superstar, but she she wasn't very impressed by it. Maybe a slight improvement in her work but she doesn't really have any problems with her back or saddle fit. Now when I tried it on my gelding- pure magic. He would always lean/crank on the bit to the point where I was swapping bits every ride so he couldn't get used to any one bit. He never wanted to work through his back, very resistant and fought me about his canter work. The very first time I tried this pad on him he was much rounder and softer, less inclined to lean on the bit. We still have a long way to go but I can tell he's so much more comfortable in this pad.

Prior to buying the pad I bought myself a knee brace. I wanted to know what BOT feels like, does it work, etc. I've suffered from chronic knee pain for years and would wear a neoprene knee brace which would cause my knee to get hot and sweat. The first time I wore it I was almost disappointed- my knee barely warmed up and I thought it wasn't going to work but I kept wearing it. Soon I was almost 'craving' it- my knee would be achy and within minutes of putting the brace on I felt some relief. As time went on I found I needed it less and less- now I only wear it every once in a while for a little 'maintenance' therapy. I've ordered myself an ankle brace too for an old ankle injury that's flared up again and can't wait to try it out. I'm an absolute believer in these products now- I'm looking forward to adding more horse, people and dog items as my budget will allow.

Reviewed by Catherine, 03/25/2016

The Back on Track Dressage Pad has made a real difference for my horse this winter. He has always had a tough time in the winter because of having a cold, tight back, which made him nippy and spookier (often bolting) in the winter. The pad has made a real difference in making him more comfortable and work over his back. Its not a panacea but certainly makes him a happier horse in general. He is a straighter horse, able to use both his left and right side more evenly. He's still a hot, big moving horse but is able to focus on the work, responds to spooky objects normally, no bolting and generally calm demeanor, which is the best we can expect. We now own all the Back on Track winter gear for him, including the quarter sheet, turnout and mesh sheet. The other interesting part of the dressage pad is that his back stays dry even after a hard workout. Love it! I was skeptical at first, but now am sold on your products. We also now own some of the products for humans, which our family loves. Thank you Back on Track! You do indeed have some super products.

Reviewed by Tayler Owen, 05/13/2015

I love this saddle pad especially during the cooler and colder months...I find that it really helps loosen up her back and reduces the warm up time.

Reviewed by SCWDressage, 04/09/2013

Like Anna Maria, this pad single handedly resolved those fibrous lumps on an Arab's back. My vet said the same thing-injecting them with steroids or removing surgically. One month and they are gone. This is a wonderful pad.

Reviewed by Elizabeth, 11/26/2012

My OTTB used to pin her ears and bite at the wall every time she was being mounted. Since we started using this pad under her saddle, she's stood quietly waiting to be mounted. It's an amazing transformation -- THANK YOU!!!

Reviewed by Gina Howey, 05/24/2012

"I absolutely love my Back on Track Dressage Pad. It really makes a difference with my tight backed horse. It even helps me keep my lower back loose when I use the pad on my horse. Thank you Back on Track"

Reviewed by Kris, 04/29/2011

Wow-Amazed at the Quality! I stumbled upon this saddled pad at a local tack sale. It looked very nice and I had heard of this line of products before so I went ahead and bought it. It is now officially my favorite saddle pad! Fits my horse like a glove, the inside is soft and luxurious feeling, the seams and craftsmanship are tip-top. She seems very comfortable wearing it and it doesn't ruffle her hair like some other saddle pads do. I'll certainly be buying more of your products-I'm sold!

Reviewed by KEM, 04/29/2011

My horse loves this saddle pad. He has a cold back and warm-up has been a challenge. Since getting the Back On Track pad he is lifting nicely. I got one in white for shows.

Reviewed by Kim, 04/29/2011

Stylish and Durable.
This pad has held up very well as it still looks great! My horse loves it too (especially noticeable in the winter). I look forward to getting more Back On Track products!

Reviewed by Kat, 04/29/2011

Well made Pad! It also good for my horse.
Well made great quality and it helps keep my horse comfortable in more ways than one.

Reviewed by Anna-Maria Finn, 03/25/2011

My 9 year old Holstiener Gelding developed some bizarre hard back
bumps right where the saddle goes. Roughly the size of American
Nickels and Silver Dollars I had 3 vets look at them telling me it
wasn't the saddle and it was just some bug bites gone wrong!! It had
been going on now over a year! I did some research on different
thread...s, and found out that Back on Track was a pretty good place
to start instead of injecting them every 6 months. I combined the Back
on Track Dressage Saddle Pad along with Sore No More Gel-lotion and
changed out saddles. With in 2 months the annoying back bumps are now
almost completely gone. The vets told me it would need surgery and
none of them wanted to go there. So thank you to you guys! You have
some amazing product!!