Therapeutic All Purpose Saddle Pad

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$69.00 - $103.50

Our Back on Track Therapeutic All Purpose Saddle Pad leverages our state-of-the-art Welltex technology to bring you an all purpose saddle pad for everyday riding. Our Welltex material utilizes your horse's own body energy to increase blood circulation and keep your horse's back muscles loose and relaxed. Our saddle pad is breathable and wicks away sweat. This product is wonderful for horses with cold or sore backs. 

Included: One Pad

Colors: Black, White, Navy, Burgundy

Sizing: Measurements are: 23" spine x 19" drop.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Tayler Owen, 05/13/2015

I love this saddle pad especially during the cooler and colder months...I find that it really helps loosen up her back and reduces the warm up time.

Reviewed by Ashlyn Rebel, 01/17/2015

I got the saddle pad along with the mesh sheet for my paint appendix gelding, who had injured himself and had to be kept on stall rest. Obviously, I couldn't use it on him, so I just threw the saddle pad over the lesson horses I would ride to keep myself in shape. The differences were enormous! The first horse, an old, gentle thoroughbred who had endured countless unbalanced children using his back as a trampoline, is very stiff and always races down the lines in jumping because he gets so anxious about having his back hit. I was running late for a lesson and knew that I wouldn't have enough time to warm him up, so I threw the saddle pad over him and just hoped it would work enough to make him a little more comfortable a little more quickly. I felt like he warmed up much easier than he normally did. So I was pleased, but the greatest shock came during jumping. During the last line, I was completely prepared for him to take off running and knew that I probably wouldn't have been able to prevent that, so I just resigned myself to being pulled down the last couple jumps and figured that was that. To my absolute shock, he was calm, soft, and incredibly responsive coming down the line -- I had never experienced that with him, not once! I was unable to ride him since and was riding the second horse, a slightly younger thoroughbred than the first, just earlier today. Because of my success with this saddle pad, I decided to use it on her as well. Though her back has been much better taken care of and I wasn't expecting too much from the pad. As we got to working in our lesson, I was surprised to find her incredibly happy, attentive, and relaxed -- and she had just bucked an experienced rider off a couple of days earlier! This particular mare gets frantic when she needs to change a lead, and she lands on the wrong one a good deal of the time, so lead changes are necessary -- but she has a hard time with flying changes. So usually her riders will have to just do a simple once she's settled down or before she realizes she's on the wrong one. I landed over a jump with her and she was, of course, on the incorrect lead -- and without even thinking about it, I asked for a flying change and she got it without hesitation. She felt like a young horse again! I have full faith in these saddle pads and highly recommend them, ESPECIALLY for any horse that has regularly worked with beginners or has injured its back in some way. I'm so grateful I was able to get this saddle pad!

Reviewed by Cynthia Parker, 11/20/2014

I purchased this for my QH after borrowing my friends. My horse was giving me trouble going to the left - tight and unwilling to pick up the canter. I suspected back pain and thought I probably need the chiropractor to look at him. I tried my friends BOT saddle pad after feeling how warm it was under her saddle after a workout. I thought that may loosen my horse up. It absolutely did!! One week riding with it and we have soft forward canters and he is willingly stretching for the bit. I am amazed!! The fleece is on my wishlist now!

Reviewed by Dana Eklund, 10/28/2011

Thank you Back on Track! My OTTB is over at the knee and has pasterns almost parallel with the ground. Thanks to his saddle pad and polo wraps his transition from pleasure horse to dressage horse has been wonderful, something I've been hoping to do for years. He stumbles less (yah polos and quick wraps!) and is truly coming through from behind because his back muscles are staying so loose and warm (yah saddle pad!). Excellent products! He could NOT move like this before I bought him this stuff!

Reviewed by Brittanie LaPrade, 10/03/2011

I got kicked in the face and was traumatized & hospitalized. The doctor was worried about blood clots so I had them go to the barn and steal my horses saddle pad and quick wraps. The doc wrapped
them around my legs and was amazed at the increase in blood flow and continued to tell me how great they are for keeping blood circulating. I defiantly want more products for me now!! Thanks back on
track for helping getting me back in the saddle quicker!!