Contender II Saddle Pad

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The Back on Track Contender II Saddle Pad is a favorite among some of the top riders worldwide. By combining the technologies of Back on Track and ThinLine, we've developed the most technically advanced saddle pad available today. Back on Track's Welltex technology leverages your horse's own body energy to keep its muscles loose and relaxed while riding and ThinLine's UltraThinLine material provides maximum shock absorption and comfort for both you and your horse by diffusing concussion and impact. The ThinLine design also improves saddle fit without excess bulk, keeping you and your horse close while riding. Our Contender II Saddle Pad comes in Dressage, all-purpose, or Western styles. This saddle pad is shimmable if needed. Please contact ThinLine for Shims.

Included: One Pad

Colors: Black or White. Western Pad only available in black.


  • Dressage: 22" spine; 21" drop
  • All Purpose: 23" spine; 19" drop
  • Western: 29" spine x 16" drop at wither, 14" drop at center and 15"drop at end of pad.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kyleigh, 05/20/2014

After using the BOT contender II pad, he is now a different horse! I could feel a difference during the first ride! He is so much happier in his new pad! Totally worth the money! Several years ago one of his past owners had a saddle that didn't fit and continued to use it. Therefore he now has continuous back pain (minor). I have a body worker come, but the pain always came back. With this pad, the pain is minimal/ gone! We are all very impressed with the BOT pad. BOT products are the only products I trust for my horse!

Reviewed by Kathy Van Every Agnew, 05/24/2012

"I have the Back On Track Contender II saddle pad. A Godsend for my retired (21) dressage horse. If I don't use it (once!) it is virtually impossible for him to round and reach for the bit. Such a difference - Thank you!"

Reviewed by RTepley, 04/29/2011

Great combo. I think this is by far the best combo out there. The BOT pad is wonderful as is Thinline. It's much nicer to have it built together...also love the hock boots and mesh sheet!