Therapeutic Equine Head Cap

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The Therapeutic Equine Head Cap is helpful for a number of situations related to a horse's head. Horse owners use the Equine Head Cap for everything from TMJ soreness to tenseness and stiffness in the horse's poll or head area as well as to calm horses that are easily excitable, distracted, or nervous. The Equine Head Cap covers both the atlas and the axis. It has closures around the ears for optimal adjustability and laces on each side that fasten under the throat. This product should be worn under a halter or bridle.

Included: One Head Cap

Colors: Black 

Sizing: The Head Cap comes in two sizes, full and cob. A cob-sized head cap is for a smaller horse or large pony. A full-sized is for horses with a more average-large sized head. 

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Yuhua, 03/03/2017

My horse is head shy and in general very protective/overactive about his head. For the last 2 years, his chiropractor could not adjust his atlas even though she knows he has issues there. Today, for the first time, he allows her to adjust his atlas and poll. The difference? I started to put BOT head cap on him since last Sunday. Even though, I only put it on when I groom and ride him, I have noticed a significant change in his whole being, he is just more relaxed and focus on me, not his old reactive self. THANK YOU BOT!

Reviewed by Elizabeth & Emma, 05/18/2016

Love this item -- but I think you need to add ears to it so you can use outside during fly season!

Reviewed by Kelli, 03/24/2016

Perfect addition to my back on track collection! My barrel horse in generally very stiff through her poll area and gapes her mouth open when you stop and back her. After wearing this head cap, she is MUCH more relaxed, breaks well at the poll and doesn't have the gaping mouth when asked to stop and or back. My only complaint... it does fit a bit funny. She has to wear her halter to get it to lay down properly or it fold up funny on the edges. I find that if I tie it in front her cheek bones instead on under the throat latch, it lays better

Reviewed by Kaitlin and Noah the Horse, 01/29/2016

We found out my horse had a lot of TMJ soreness that was affecting his whole head in September which was causing him to be fussy about contact while riding, ridiculous about touching his face, and drop all of his food because he was holding his jaw to the side to avoid the pain. This caused his teeth to be misaligned.

We bought his thinking cap in October and since then he's so much more accepting of the bit, he rubs on me constantly like a scratching post, head massages are his favorite thing(even his ears!), he's dropping much less food, and his teeth have obviously realigned. Once we bought his thinking cap, it has been the only treatment we've used. He wears it every time we ride(2 hours 6-7 days a week). Thank you so much.

Reviewed by Kim B, 12/28/2015

I have only used this once so far (just got for christmas) and the second I put it on my horse, he was feeling good!! The adjuster originally thought his atlas and axis were fused but then was able to work out the huge knot and stiffness he had been holding for quite some time. He was refusing his right turn barrel and I knew something was wrong. Even though I only put this cap on once so far, he loosened up much quicker than usual. He was very excited to work that day!! Looking forward to seeing him work with this on all the time when we ride now!! A great addition to help warm up and loosen those muscles!

Reviewed by Megan M., 10/22/2014

The head cap is amazing! I purchased it to try on my arabian gelding as he is always very stiff and holds a lot of tension in his poll. He is also easily excited, especially in new or busy situations. I always ride him in it and the first day I did, he was more focused and calm. His chiropractor has also noted he no longer has any poll stiffness and tension. I cannot say enough about this product--excellent for horses that are tense, stiff, "locked" in their poll/head area and for easily excitable and/or easily distracted horses that need a little something extra to help focus and calm them down.

Reviewed by Sue and Gregor, 10/28/2012

Wow- the perfect addition (well this and the neck cover) to BOT's line of sensational products! I have a horse with a bad parrot mouth and of course TMJ issues. The cap really helped him loosen up and relax thru his jaw and poll. He's an 18 yr old qtr horse but with his Back on Track gear no one can tell his age! Love this! Funny thing- was chatting with my horse massage gal and said it would be perfect if Back on Track made a neck cover and some kind of poll cover. Looked on the website a few weeks later and voila' there they were. Awesome work Back on Track!!

Reviewed by Vanessa and Sam, 08/12/2011

My horse LOVES this cap and is a considerable training secret of mine. I don't ride in it often but leave it on overnight under his fly mask or just alone if stalled. Can be used 4 seasons but real nice in the dead of winter. We had to start with 3-5 minute intervals and build up to overnights over two months. Would recommend going very slow introducing. My opinion is to confine the horse for first introductions but don't tie the horse's halter lead to anything, and be ready to remove it. Really! My horse, at least, had profound immediate releases wearing it that were way beyond what I would have imagined possible. Would recommend 110% to anyone for any horse... and especially for youngsters in any training, hardworking horses, those with poll sensitivity, past nuchal ligament damage, TMJ issues, previous dental issues, headaches/facial pain, head-shakers and habitual head tossers (in which it may "fix" those things once and for all), all horses that have been damaged in headset devices like neck stretchers, draw reins between the legs and every other tie-down gadget, horses that are anxious at shows and for traveling.... any jaw crossing, hard mouthed, bit grabber/bit spitter horse worked in a tight cavesson or mouth shutter deserves at least one of these for regular use. I have two of these caps and both have been washed 25+ times, looks and works great! My horse's favorite piece of gear.... therapeutic or otherwise. Would be very nice with monogram. One of my super duper secrets to modifying, relaxing,and bringing out the best in my ultra fancy horse!

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