Poll Cover

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The Poll Cover attaches to your horse's halter or bridle with 4 straps and can help to ease tension in the poll or jaw of your horse. 

Included: One Poll Cover

Colors: Black 

Sizing: Should be worn over a halter or bridle.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Rio, 11/17/2017

I purchased this item with the thought it might be useful to help calm a barrel horse in the alley way (without getting into costly supplements/meds). I have noticed no change at all in her behavior. She is still pretty anxious and edgy during slow work.

Reviewed by Riddles, 08/03/2017

I purchased the poll cover because when ever I tied my horse or put him on cross ties he would paw. He was obsessed with pawing regardless if he was tied or on cross ties. He is not a nervous horse but the complete opposite , quiet and calm. I attached the poll cover to his halter and his pawing has completely stopped! Thanks BOT!

Reviewed by Vanessa, 07/20/2015

AWESOME. Put it on my horse's halter nose band as he already uses the BOT cap on his poll. First time on within minutes he was all dreamy and relaxed. Fits great. Sometimes we line drive around the fields in halter for fun so this will be great for that. Excellent padding. We can all switch out our hacksmore and cavesson covers to this deal with excellent pressure point relief and therapeutic benefit. BOT does it again.

Reviewed by Shelly, 01/01/2015

As usual, the Back On Track Poll Cover delivers the expected results. Fantastic product! The only negative aspect of the Poll Cover is that the velcro straps are cheap. I had to reinforce the velcro straps because after removing the Poll Cover from my headstall for the first time one of the velcro straps nearly ripped right off. Once it's on the horse it works great!

Reviewed by Emma's Mom, 12/12/2014

My mare is always needing release in the poll area. I have had this poll cover attached to her indoor halter for about a month and have noticed a difference in her demeanor when she is on the cross ties. She's so much more relaxed and more tolerant of blanket adjustments and other tasks which she used to find unbearable. The velcro pieces are substantive so I am not worried about this product becoming unattached. I highly recommend this to people who's horses have poll issues. Thank you BOT!!!