Therapeutic Polo Wraps

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$43.00 - $64.50

When you wrap your horse's legs with our Therapeutic Polo Wraps, which contain our Welltex material, you can help to reduce swelling and inflammation while keeping your horse's legs tight. Our state-of-the-art Welltex technology reflects your horse's body energy to create a soothing infrared thermal effect. Our Therapeutic Polo Wraps are extremely durable and contain more elastic than traditional wraps so they contour to the leg better, provide excellent support, and don't shift or rub. We designed our Polo Wraps only for use during exercise. They should not be used overnight or as a standing bandage as there is a risk they are fastened too tight and hinder blood flow. 

Included: Pair of Wraps
Colors: Black or White
Sizing: Pony: 7'; Horse up to 16.3 hands: 9'; 17 hands and up: 11'. Please view our sizing chart for further instructions on how to measure your horse.
Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Tony, 04/22/2017

When my Off Track Thoroughbred started training for Eventing we had an over-extension of the tendons as we moved up in heights on the Cross Country course. I bought these and wrapped his legs, which helped with the swelling. After a week on stall rest her was fine to go back in to work following a strict return schedule. They helped greatly with the basic Windpuffs as well. I use the Quickwraps when we travel since they're really easy to put on and take off

Reviewed by Jessica, 06/16/2016

I just got a pair of these and they're absolutely fantastic. They're fleece on the outside and a smooth fabric on the inside, so it doesn't make my mare sweat. I have the 9' polos and use them on the hind legs of my large warmblood and they fit perfectly - though I tend to prefer a sleeker look.

Reviewed by Natalie, 10/03/2015

I bought these for my OTTB who occasionally has some ankle filling (leftover injury from his racing days). I was very surprised when in just a few uses his huge old splint scar-tissue decreased in size by 40% or so!! I was so excited! I don't know how it happened really, but I am a fan now. I just ordered the back pad :). One less star mostly just because I wish they were cheaper so I could afford more.

Reviewed by Madison, 12/13/2014

AMAZING love love love. I'm getting a second pair.

Reviewed by SCWDressage, 04/09/2013

Best polo wraps ever designed, worth every single penny and then some. They will last and last. I have the white ones and they wash up extremely well. BTW, very few horses will need the 12' ones. My dream is that Back on Track will partner with Equilibrium Stretch and ?Fles to make an easy on/off flatwork wrap. I don't like the heavier leg boots-they create too much heat and friction for my taste.

Reviewed by Fawn, 01/04/2013

Love the polos...they really help my mares legs in staying tight!!

Reviewed by Darian Hodge, 08/13/2012

Love Love Love this product! easy to wrap and they really get your horses legs nice and tight! velcro is great! Thanks BOT!