Therapeutic Padded Royal Hock Boots with Holes

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The Therapeutic Padded Royal Hock Boots with Holes provide the same support when dealing with arthritic or capped hocks as our Therapeutic Hock Boots with Holes, however, this option is made with additional with padding. Both products benefit from our Welltex material, incorporated into the interior fabric of the boots. This boot fastens around the hock and keeps the hock point covered by the interior material. Three attached straps allow you to adjust the boot's fit, and using them in conjunction with standing wraps can help prevent the boots from sliding down. The Therapeutic Padded Royal Hock Boots with Holes are for stall use or hauling only. They are not recommended for turnout. 

Included: Pair of Boots

Colors: Black 

Sizing: Please view our sizing chart for instructions on how to measure your body.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by carol metxler, 06/14/2016

I love BOT products and have many of them for my horses and myself. Bought the padded hock boots in medium, same size as the hock boots he wore out; they work great but straps could be longer. If he lays down, the Velcro pops and boots fall down. Should I have ordered a larger size?

Reviewed by Darya, 03/18/2016

These are amazing for my injury prone dummy. Only thing is I wish I could purchase replacement padding.

Reviewed by Vanessa and Sam, 05/20/2014

Bought these for my massive TB gelding in large. They seemed too small in diameter at first but after 3 months of 1-5 nights or short distance travel the diameter is much bigger...maybe 4-5 inches. So break 'um in. Washed once, came out new. Fit great. Wonderful therapeutic, warms hocks - beautiful. My great horse loves these.
Side note: starting year 4 with same BOT mesh sheet. Use all winter, fall, spring, when possible in summer...still looks and works great. Go head to toe BOT

Reviewed by Monica, 03/11/2014

My horse is a young horse and had been turning on his front end which I thought was odd, and extremely dangerous when running barrels since he would put all his weight in his shoulder. I had tried everything, vet check, chiropractor, new saddle, sore no more, drills, I mean I tried it all! But he wouldn't stop. Then I got these Hock boots after using the leg wraps to heal a barn wire injury, and it was like magic!! He is moving better then ever and moving CORRECT again!!! Then I let my friend who is known for always winning jackpots on her special horse Pheobes Hot Salsa. She had been going through a slump after giving her horse time off and they just hadn't been clocking the times they used to or winning the 1D like normal. So I let her use my hock boots 8 hours before a race... AND SHE WON THE 1D!!! And she didn't have her usual gate problems which is a miracle in itself also!!! She also won the sudden death saddle for the day!!!!!! It had been a double header and the good times kept rolling!! I swear by Back on Track products and if I could I would by all of them!!! Funny thing, my friend also won a Back on Track horse blanket as well that day and she already has the back on track leg boots. I LOVE IT!! Easy , simple, relatively cheap way to make your horse feel good and move well!!

Reviewed by Shantell, 12/26/2013

This summer I brought my horse to the vet after struggling on and off with lameness. Come to find out he had bone spurs. This was really tragic news to me, as he is my good barrel horse. I started to use BOT products on him (the mesh blanket, poll cap, saddle blanket, and quick wraps) horse hasnt felt so good in all the years I have owned him. And just recently, one of my horses suffered a very nasty cut to her back left fetlock. I used these on it over her wound and it healed very quickly, and reduced the swelling overnight. I cannot say enough awesome things about their prodcuts. I continuously find myself asking for BOT for every occasion, and every spare cent I have goes toward buying more. I love every product I have tried. (Or should I say my "kids" have enjoyed them)

Reviewed by Emily Day, 10/31/2013

We had a horse in race training with an unidentifiable problem until we had a nuclear body scan done on him last fall. The vet concluded that he had a strained hind suspensory ligament that was creating many other secondary problems. Her prognosis with time off for healing was that we might get a race or two out of him. We bought him a pair of Royal padded hock boots this spring when he came back into training. He has worn them every day since we got them, and worked up to wearing them over night, every night. The horse has run 6 races this year, has won two and was just 3rd in tough company at Belmont. He is still in training for the remainder of this turf season. We have just ordered him a second pair of boots, as he has worn out the first and certainly earned the replacements!