Therapeutic Knee Boots

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Our Therapeutic Knee Boots are ideal for injury recovery or prevention in the tough-to-wrap knee area. Our Knee Boots are made with a neoprene exterior and an interior that incorporates our Welltex material to allow for increased blood circulation. Contoured to the shape of the knee, the boot fastens with straps that allow you to adjust the fit. The use of standing wraps in addition to our Therapeutic Knee Boots can help to prevent the boots from sliding down. 

Included: Pair of Boots

Colors: Black 

Sizing: Meaure the circumference of the widest point of your horse's knee. Please view our sizing chart for further instructions on how to measure your horse.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Tessora Bustillos, 01/17/2017

These knee wraps are ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! I have nothing but good things to say about Back On Track, and these wraps are no exception! A year ago my 6 year old off the track QH gelding (who at the time was in full barrel racing training and endurance racing training) started limping. We took X-rays and found that he had an old slab fracture in his front right knee, and unfortunately there really was nothing the vet could do to help it. I started using the knee wraps on him 24/7 for the next few months, he stopped limping completely. He returned to trail riding with no issues, and slowly began regular riding. For the next 8 months he competed lightly in gymkhana, worked in western pleasure/hunt seat, and would go out for all day trail rides. He stayed 100% sound and comfortable on no pain medication, but he wore his Back On Track knee wraps overnight after every ride. A few weeks ago I decided to see if he could return to barrel racing and we began training. Two days ago we competed in our first barrel race, and he was completely SOUND!!! He ran very well, turned with no issues, and was happy and comfortable. Back On Track gave me my horse back and I am so grateful to them!! If you're looking for products that ACTUALLY WORK for you or your horse, then you're at the right place! Back On Track is the real deal!

Reviewed by Krista, 01/28/2016

I bought the knee boots for my mare with arthritis in both knees and significant swelling in her right knee. After only 40 minutes with them on for the first time, her knee looked almost normal again! I couldn't be more happy with them!

Reviewed by Heather, 11/30/2015

These boots are amazing. I bought these for my 2 year old barrel bred colt that had a bad knee injury. A hole in the muscle. The knee was always supposed to be enlarged and never look normal. He would trip alot and I thought he may never be rideable because of his tripping problem. I truly believe these boots saved my colt from being a pasture ornament. I would put these on him in the stall, leave them on for a few hours and I would come back to a smaller, tight, warm knee that looked almost normal. After a few hours the knee would slowly return to the regular enlarged size. After weeks of using these boots to help in the recovery to my boy, his knee looks absolutely normal (not enlarged) and he RARELY trips. Every horse trips sometimes, his knee doesn't affect him and he is completely sound. Thank you so much BOT. I can't wait to win on my big sweet guy, that I truly believe would not be truly sound without ya'll! So if your wondering if these products work, I guarantee, THEY DO. Worth every penny.

Reviewed by Vanessa and Sam, 04/24/2015

Only used 5 days so far for immediate post workout, but holy moly! These work! Washed him up after a big dressage lesson with some jumping, cold sponge on legs, put these on while slightly damp for 2 hours and volia! Beautiful tight looking, ultra warm knees! Medium for 17.2 1550 TB that wears Large-xl in hock boots. Perfect fit so far. Will trailer in them. My horse has no knee issues but is a jumper and practices on a field often so had to try them. Another awesome BOT product. Now saving up for the new poll cover.

Reviewed by Baili, 12/14/2014

I bought these for my 18 year old barrel horse, Jester. He has always seemed to walk fine, but he would never run the pattern as fast as he should be able to. After having them on for only an hour and a half, in arena that he had always ran 19.1 in, he ran a 17.1. I could not believe how quickly you get results. I am a firm believer of Back on Track.

Reviewed by Kristen Bucci, 07/03/2014

Amazing product! My 26 year old arabian has been tripping for years. I have spent $$$ trying to minimize his tripping. I have tried supplements, injections, shoes and exercises. Nothing really made a difference until now. He has gone weeks without tripping! My friend was so impressed by his progress she said, "if you had never told me he had a tripping problem, I would have never known."

The only recommendations I do have when you purchase these boots is this:
1. If the measurements are on the smaller side of the sizing chart, then pick the next size down. The straps are elastic.

2. I recommend splint boots to keep the knee boots from sliding down.

The ONLY negative comment I have is that the thread along the seems separate too easy. So, I burnt all the lose threads and added a touch of fabric glue.

Reviewed by Briana Buckley, 05/30/2014

I absolutely love these boots! My horse, Floyd has a high suspensory injury and just since I've had the boots I've seen improvements!

Reviewed by Paige, 02/05/2013

These boots are amazing! I have an older gelding who will be turning 26 in June. He was retired at age 16 from reining. He was shown in Western Pleasure for 3 years after retirement as well! These last two years have been very hard on him, considering the fact that he was diagnosed with pigeon fever and had it for 8 months. Not too long after that he was diagnosed with ring bone and navicular. Shortly after that, his feet were almost sound with proper shoeing, but something was still bothering him. He has always had arthritis in his two front knees, and I figured that his arthritis in his knees were now bothering him; and my vet said that had to be it too! He said that he would have to get injections in both of his knees, which would have cost a fortune for me, since I am a college student trying to save up for my next horse. Someone then told me about "Back On Track" and how there are these therapeutic boots that really work for those kind of things! So, I thought I should give it a shot! I have been using them for almost three weeks now, and my older gelding can now walk out of his stall without limping really bad on his front right (arthritis is worse in his right than his left) and was moving like a champ! I then turned him out, expecting him to just walk off and roll, but he took off bucking and felt so good! He wasn't stiff or sore! He was super loose, and so happy to be moving without being in any pain! The next day when I went out to take him out, there was not one bit of soreness! These boots are truly amazing and saved me at least $400 a month from the injections! I keep the knee boots on through the night and take them off in the morning before I go to work! Thank you Back On Track! I am now going to try the bell boots for his feet!

Reviewed by Jeff, 07/12/2012

I put these knee boots on my race horse that has a history of soreness in his knees and they worked great. They have helped keep him sound without injections.

Reviewed by Emily, 04/28/2011

Great Boots!
I got these for my horse that has had three knee surgeries and is currently in training and showing over fences. I use them after jumping workouts and shows. I love how he stays loose after jumping after wearing them. I am happy with the product!