Therapeutic Hock Boots with Holes

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The Back on Track Therapeutic Hock Boots with Holes are a great choice for dealing with arthritic or capped hocks. The outer neoprene shell creates a breathable boot and our state-of-the-art Welltex material helps reflect your horse's own body warmth, creating a soothing far infrared thermal effect. This boot can be used to help with injury prevention or recovery in muscles, joints, and tendons. Our Therapeutic Hock Boots with Holes fasten around the hock but leave point of the hock uncovered. Straps allow you to adjust the boot's fit and keeping the straps loose while using them with standing wraps can prevent rubbing and keep them from sliding down. Do not use the Hock Boots with Holes for turnout. 
Included: Pair of Boots
Colors: Black 
Sizing: Please view our sizing chart for instructions on how to measure your horse.
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Brenna, 07/25/2017

I bought these to try on my 24 year old QH gelding who has arthritis in his hocks. I was trying to avoid expensive injections since he is only a part time pleasure horse for my husband. These worked great! He went from limping out of his stall every morning to running out full of energy! His stiffness is gone and he has so much more energy. I would definitely recommend these.

Reviewed by Bernadette Andics, 12/25/2016

Young gelding Ramesses suffered a severe subcutaneous bursa defect on his left hock. After 4 months of animal clinic, being operated, he is in the middle of the 6-8 months long rehabilitation process.He has a little swelling in the inner part on his hock yet, but it's day by day a little bit better. I got the brace in Vienna, a tackshop seller recommended it for us. My vet often physiotaped Ramses' hock before getting the brace, but looking at it she was very happy, she told, it's enough to use during the full rehabilitation process and the horse doesn't need more physiotaping :-)

Reviewed by CodyBelle Cater, 12/15/2016

I love my back on track products! They help so much with my horses! Best product ever!

Reviewed by Julie ziehr, 11/24/2016

I ordered these boots for my 7 year old mare with constant hock stiffness. These boots have worked wonders!! They have reduced stiffness & swelling. I have also bought the quick wraps. I'll also be buying the human products, and the turn out blanket along with a few other products! I'm in love with BOT!! You're a lifesaver. I have my horse back.

Reviewed by cisco reblion, 10/22/2016

I love this product!

Reviewed by Katelynn, 06/28/2016

I have a six-year-old QH with bog spavin in his left hind leg. The BOT hock boots cut swelling in half on day two after wearing them in two-hour shifts. Great product!

Reviewed by Lexi, 11/28/2015

AMAZING products!! My 16 yr old Apendix barrel gelding has been having problems with his hocks and the Chiropracter suggested injections, and I really wanted to stay away from that as long as possible! So I ordered the back on track hock boots and had them on for 4 hours before I ran and took 2 whole seconds off my time I usually run at that arena!!

Reviewed by Tayler Owen, 05/13/2015

I love these boots...My mare has arthritis in her shows I usually place them on her first thing in the morning and let her "cook" along with her BOT quick wraps and sheet...I have noticed a much looser horse which helps since we do eventing....I love love love these products...especially during the cooler and colder months.

Reviewed by Erin, 01/16/2015

I have a ten year old quarter horse that I competitively barrel race with. He was having stiffness and soreness in his hocks, and I wanted to avoid having to inject his hocks every six months. I purchased the boots, and since then I've noticed his level of performance has gotten stronger. He pushes out of the barrels harder, and he's no longer stiff when he is shod. Love love love them.

Reviewed by Baili, 12/14/2014

I bought these for my 18 year old barrel horse. After only three hours with them on, we went to a barrel race, and he was able to get down and turn the best that he ever has. He usually runs a 19.1 there and today he ran a 17.1. I just cannot say enough good things about Back on Track

Reviewed by Robert Everly, 11/14/2014

I had bought a Frenchmans Guy QH for barrels, and if you know anything about the Frenchman horses its how much they move of their hind legs. Lucy is 6 so going all this consistent back leg work could take its toll on my little girl, so with these boots I put them on before and after I run, and they are just awesome. Now know this is an alternative to the hock injections. So happy with this product.

Reviewed by Shelby, 07/28/2014

My horse capped his hock almost a year ago and I was able to get most of the swelling down, but it would always come back. My horse now wears a hock boot everyday while he is inside and they are doing great things for him! They keep the swelling and heat away and when I take the boot off he is no longer stiff and sore on his leg! Great product!

Reviewed by Paige, 07/18/2014

My mom was skeptical when I ordered these and other products. I got them right before a rodeo. I used these on my barrel mare for two hours and then took them off overnight the first night. The next day I kept them on her while at the trailer and ever since she's always felt better. She gets in the ground more and doesn't safety up as much. I really love this product and have used them on a roping horse who had sore hocks and I put the hock boots on him and the soreness seemed to go away and he started stopping a lot harder for me. I love this product and recommend it to all my friends.

Reviewed by Judy M., 01/08/2013

I bought the hock boots based on recommendations on a Hunter-Jumper forum.

They work wonders on my 25 yo TWH with hock arthritis. He wears them 3 - 4 hours every morning before turnout. He no longer "stumps" when walking out of his stall. His Walking Horse back end is not as swingy as it was when he was ten but it's pretty close.

I have also seen him in a light gallop in the pasture, since using the hock wraps. I haven't seen him willing to gallop at liberty for a few years.

He can't have injections due to metabolic issues; the hock wraps have far exceeded my expectations for improving his comfort level.

Well worth the investment.

Ease of use/attachment is great.

Reviewed by Darian Hodge, 08/13/2012

My barrel gelding Griffins Poco Bell hadn't been turning hard when doing barrels, he would trip alot,not back straight. After talking to my trainer and friends, I knew it was his hocks! Injections are pricey and I dont like the idea of them! I began researching and after reading reviews and comparing prices I decided to try BOT products! I bought the hock boots and the polo wraps and hoped they would help "Cisco". The first day I used the hock wraps on him I was surprised at how it actually made the heat and worked! After the introductory period I put them on him overnight for 3 nights, and WOW! Cisco was like a new horse! He moved better and turned better and the first run I took him to after using them he gave it his all going to the first barrel and just sunk his butt in the ground! So we will be using them as much as we can from now on! They don't slide and the velcro works great! I can't say enough about BOT products! Cisco and I can't thank you enough! :)

Reviewed by Rachael L., 04/29/2011

No injections for us!
I have a 14 year old QH gelding that has done cow work. The first time I had his hooves trimmed we had to use a cradle. His hocks were so sore he couldn't lift and hold his leg for the farrier. My vet recommended injections. I bought the hock boots and since I have been using them, my horse has no problem with the farrier. We don't use a cradle anymore. He is more flexible, and agreeable to work. My vet was amazed by the progress and doesn't think we need injections!

Reviewed by Faith, 04/29/2011

Fabulous at reducing bog spavin after ocd surgery.
My 3 year old Percheron-Cross used these boots during his recovery from OCD surgery. They really helped reduce the swelling. They are best used with a standing wrap, because we found that they can rub a little. The large size fit him great.

Reviewed by HorseShoeFarmVA, 04/29/2011

These boots really work! I bought these boots for my older Dressage show horse who had arthritis in his hocks. We used these boots prior to & during competitions, and not only were his warm ups better, but his scores went up! I attribute our top 10 at Region 1 Championships to the Back on Track Hock boots. Would buy again & again. Thank you Back on Track!!

Reviewed by Mandi, 04/29/2011

I absolutely love the Back On Track hock boots!! I have a 16 year old QH mare that has arthritis and I had retired her due to it. I bought a pair of these, put them on her everyday and she was ready to go in no time! They stay in place and keep my horses fresh and ready for competition! Definitely will buy another pair and recommend to others! Thanks!

Reviewed by Paula, 04/29/2011

Hock Wraps Stay on. We started using these wraps about a month ago for our 10 year old Quarter horse (hunter) with bog spavin. I was very pleasantly surprised after the first day to find that they stayed put when the horse was turned out and playing with his buddy and after several nights I was also pleased to find that there was no rubbing. After just a few uses we began see a reduction in the size of the swellings. We are hopeful that with the the use of these wraps and joint supplements that we can stave off future hock issues.

Reviewed by Gregg, 04/22/2011

Come back from Hock Surgery!
I have a 4 yr old TB that had a slab fracture of a hock from synthetic race tracks. 2 months after surgery (screw to repair) there was still significant swelling in the joint. After a recommendation from my local tack store, I tried the hock boot. Within just a couple of weeks, the swelling began to dissipate. Within 60 days there was no swelling at all. It is now 8 months later and he has begun to work in the hunter / jumper world. I still use the boots 3 -4 times per week and he has never again had swelling nor has he had any pain. This product works!

Reviewed by Wendy Pendleton Harvey, 03/25/2011

When my daughter ordered hock boots for her horse I was skeptical.
They came late one evening so I decided to try one on my bad knee.
When I woke the next morning I could not believe the range of pain
free motion I had. I immediately ordered a knee brace. The horse? She
liked them too. After a night of wearing the boots (that actually stay
on the hock I might add) she went from being nearly three legged lame
to almost sound. Now she wears the Back on Track sheet as well.