Royal Tendon Boots (Open Front)

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Like our other Back on Track products, the Royal Tendon Boots offer the proprietary benefits of Welltex materials and also provide essential protection for your horse's front tendons. This is particularly important during high energy activities when the hind foot can extend forward, strike, and damage the tendon in the front leg. The Royal Tendon Boots combine a hardwearing, nylon laminated outer casing with thick, soft neoprene inner fabric that has been preforated for extra ventilation and air flow. The neoprene has been combined with our Welltex technology, using your horse's body energy to create a far infrared effect. The Royal Tendon Boots have been designed for comfort and protection, and their high density effectively distributes pressure and absorbs impact. They utilize elastic straps and brass buckles to ensure a secure fit.

Included: Pair of Boots

Colors: Black 

Sizing: For best fit measure the height of the cannon bone from just below the knee to the fetlock. Please view our sizing chart for instructions on how to further measure your horse.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Nancy, 03/28/2017

Love these! Wish the rear ankle boots came in black to match. What's up with that? Who wants brown?

Reviewed by Smrichardson, 12/14/2016

So far these are awesome! Fit both my Holsteiner and my Thoroughbred very well. They have also significantly aided in the reduction of windpuffs in my older geldings front legs and aided in his arthritis! We use these in the front and the BOT Polo wraps behind and both gentlemen are moving and feeling great!

Reviewed by Hanna Seifried, 10/23/2016

These boots are great! I got them for my horse for jumping and they fit great. They allow the legs to breath and are very durable! I will have to buy more products from here!

Reviewed by Rachel Miller, 04/22/2016

These boots fit my big bodied warmblood great and I love the brass buckles. The boots are lightweight and breathable but very durable.