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The Back on Track Royal Quick Wraps are a favorite among horse owners. Leveraging our Welltex technology, these all-in-one standing bandages may decrease swelling and help keep your horse's legs cool and tight. Our state-of-the-art Welltex material uses the horse's own body energy to create a soothing far infrared thermal effect, allowing for increased blood circulation and relaxed muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments. The Royal Quick Wraps can be used for both injury prevention and recovery. These wraps can be left on overnight (after the initial introductory period) after a strenuous ride and can also be used when shipping your horse. They are great for both the front or hind legs and measure equal in size.

Included: Pair of Wraps

Colors: Black 

Sizing: Start your measurement just below the knee or hock of your horse to the pastern area. Or the area that you want to cover. Round to the nearest even size. Please view our sizing chart for further instructions on how to measure your horse.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Theressa Schueller, 08/23/2017

I want to share how amazing these boots are with others. I have a gelding that developed upper ringbone in his fronts, it literally seemed to happen over night. He also has a tendancey to stock up in his hinds when stabled overnight or for any period of time. The poor guy was not blessed with good confirmation for front hooves and his Ferriers, vets and I have always worked closely over the years to make sure he's always had the best possible support. His feet look like he may have foundered as a youngster. I've kept up on X-rays every year and we'd always found nothing. Last winter we had some freezing very wet stretches where he needed to be stabled for extended periods. During this time he started to swell in his front and back legs; coronets, Pasterns and cannons. I tried everything hydro, icing to wraps, and so on to try and bring the swelling down with not much success. On the third day I walked him out of his stall for his usual grooming and care. He wasn't walking he was staggering ever so slowly like a drunk old man (I honestly thought he would fall, his legs unable to carry him). I wept for him and his pain and immediately called the best performance horse vet I knew.
For any of you that know me well, this is my horse Prince. He is my heart and lives in my soul. I know him, and he knows me as much as any horse and human could. In many ways I feel he made me the horsewoman I am today. To see him suffer in any way, I equally suffer.
When vet ran his X-rays this time they were different from those of the last several years. They now showed arthritic changes of upper ring bone. The vet let me know that his career would need to change. No longer would he be able to enjoy what he loved most jumping, eventing and endurance. He would now need to take it a little easier and enjoy trail rides, lower levels of dressage and being a horse, no racing and no jumping! He gave me options of keeping him happy and comfortable from shots to the conservative approach of cosequin, bite, herbal anti inflammatory, to the commitment of expensive injections. The last thing he suggested was boots that use ceramic technology called "back on track boots". To be honest I thought the idea of the ceramic quickwraps were bunk and expensive waste of money at that. I then reminded myself of why we pay our vets the big bucks and decided to give them a try, especially wanting to eliminate all other options before going to injections.
I purchased fronts and backs of these boots and started using them immediately. They recommended you start at 4 hours of use working your way up. After 4 hours I removed them and was totally amazed! The swelling was down considerably and he was walking much better. I could not believe it. I knew it was not the cosequin I had started as it would not act that quickly and is not known as a quick acting anti inflamitory. I gave him the recommended rest period from the boots and put them on again. Removing 4 hours later I found even better results! By the third wear Prince was walking totally normally and was ready to run. This product is really miraculous. I never give a shout out for products but I feel I want to share this one with everyone. These boots gave me my horse back and I'm so thankful.
In a few weeks he will be traveling 16 hours in a trailer and I have to admit the thought scares me but I remind myself as long as she is wearing his boots he will be ok. And yes, once you have conditioned your horse to wear them they can be worn 24/7 stabled or trailering. For turnout or excercise you need to use excercise boots which they make as well (yes, I use the excercise boots and bell boots for him when turned out in the pasture usually 4-6 hours a day).
These are also great for pre and post workout cool downs or warm ups. I can't say enough good things about their boots. The only thing I wish is that they were less expensive and that they offered sales. They are a price fix item and you'll find their price is pretty much the same wherever you buy them and they are often excluded from sales.
I hope this might help someone. Extra note, if you hate doing standing wraps and poultice, these are a way better replacement and work better too without the hassle.
Thanks for reading and happy horsing around!

Update: I was a very worried mom the day I put my Prince on the trailer to make the trip from Austin, Tx to Ocala, Fl afraid of how or if he would come off the trailer with pain and swelling. Prior to being loaded I suited him up with his BOT quick wraps. When he arrived to his new home in Florida he walked off the trailer he was perfectly sound and happy. Thank you back on track!

If there's one wish I'd have for the product it would be the price point. I would like to be less expensive so it's more affordable for the public. As a trainer I recommend these now to clients all the time but the price is just too high. I think the sweet spot would be in the $70 range. Then people would stop thinking of them as just a rescue product and more of a product they need to have in their tack box so the can throw away their wraps and poultice :)

Thank you

Reviewed by Bianchi, 03/25/2017

My 34 yr old paint is loving these quick wraps! He wears them every night, and comes flying out of his stall in he morning. He is usually pretty stiff, being 34! But now his legs are supple and no puffiness. Thank you! I have also ordered the mesh sheet, saddle pad, no bow wraps and just got my bell boots for my other horses.

Reviewed by Lauren, 02/22/2017

One of my favorite products in my barn! My mare had a bowed tendon back in 2015, and I got these wraps for her. They were my go-to product! I would rotate between Ice Horse and these, and because you're able to leave these on longer, I noticed a bigger difference with these. Eliminated swelling amazingly. If I took them off for a day, the swelling would come right back. She now hauls with these on and at one of our first barrel races back earlier this month, she won a check! She actually is running a second faster than she was before she was injured, and she was a finished barrel horse before the injury, but just ran consistently in the 4D.Now we're at the top of the 3D against tough horses! I have since added a BOT mesh sheet and hock boots to my bag of tricks. This last weekend verified once more the magic of these boots. I took my 3 year old to her first barrel race, and she got distracted, started the turn to early, and ended up jumping over the barrel, but one of her hind legs came down on top of the barrel. She's never worn a back on track item before, but after getting home and watching her fall off the trailer because she didn't want to move the leg and the area she knocked having swelled up, these boots were put on her. I went out about 2 hours later and the swelling was nearly gone. My pair is getting worn out due to over a year of consistent use, and months of 24/7 use with the bowed tendon, but even with all their use, they've held up wonderfully!

Reviewed by Lainy Procter, 09/06/2016

I love these wraps. I put them on my performance horse when we are on the road which is always and they keep him pain free and make sure he doesn't come out of the trailer stiff. I also notice an increase in his performance as a barrel racer when I use these before and after the race. Highly recommend them!!!

Reviewed by ROC Ranch, 07/24/2016

Used these wraps on a trip from WI to GA and back. Horses had no swelling, walked off trailer with no problems and competed in the NBHA World with ease. Great product.

Reviewed by Lana Black, 07/18/2016

A friend let me borrow her quick wrap boots for a 14 hour trip to a four day rodeo bible camp. My son's horse is 27 year old. When we arrived he walked out of the trailer with no swelling or soreness. We used them on him at night when he had to be stalled and again no swelling or soreness. These boots are amazing. I'm sold and will be purchasing a set.

Reviewed by Kristen, 06/09/2016

I bought these after my horse sustained a pretty substantial tendon injury in his front left leg. After months of rest and wrapping, I finally decided to take a vacation and bought these to make it easier on the barn manager when he needed a rubdown and re-wrapped. I love them! They kept his legs tight and after the warmth disapated his legs started to stay cold a lot longer. We use them now after hard ride over night to help keep him sound and comfortable, and he wears them when we go to shows when he's not in the ring. I also use the BOT polo wraps just to make sure he's still receiving the therapeutic warmth while we are training. After a cold hose his legs are tight and cool and he seems a lot more comfortable.

Reviewed by Jules, 04/18/2016

My horse was on stall rest and having major swelling issues in his legs. We decided to try the back on track wraps when all other combinations of wraps, cold hosing, poultice, etc was failing. These made a difference after his first time wearing them. Absolutely incredible product.

Reviewed by Cheyenne, 03/05/2016

My barrel horse bowed a tendon and I was considering using the quick wraps because I know a ton of people who swear by these products. I asked my vet and he didn't really have an opinion on them. I was sort of reluctant to use them because I didn't know if they really worked for sure, but my friend had a pair and she said I could try them and so I thought it couldn't hurt. I was AMAZED by the results! I had all of the swelling out of his leg before I used the wraps except for all of the fluid that was still in his actual tendon. After 3 days I started to see a huge difference and after 11 days his tendon looked completely normal and even better than it did before (it always had a small bump there)!! I couldn't believe the difference! I LOVE these products and I now totally understand why everyone swears by them!!

Reviewed by Victoria Stegall, 01/28/2016

I don't usually write reviews on things but these Back On Track Quick Wraps are by far the best money I've ever spent. They work wonders for my horses in the short time I've had them. I was unsure about them when people recommended them, but finally broke down & bought a set. You can feel the warmth on the boot & your horses' legs after you remove them. My barrel horses love them. Will be buying more BOT Products.

Reviewed by CodyBelle, 01/24/2016

I love my back on track boots. My horse was having a problem, she was swelling and I put these on her and in just a few hours she is back to normal.

Reviewed by Tayler Owen, 05/13/2015

I love these wraps...My mare is older and love these to loosen her up while trailering or at shows I usually place them on her first thing in the morning and let her "cook" along with her BOT hock wraps and sheet...I have noticed a much looser horse which helps, since we do eventing....I love love love these products...especially during the cooler and colder months.

Reviewed by Brooklyn, 02/22/2015

Love these!! My gelding, when stalled at shows, will "stock up". I won a pair of quick wraps, used them, then next show his legs didn't swell a bit! He stayed in perfect shape for the next days runs, recommend them to anyone

Reviewed by Becky, 12/01/2014

My horse came up lame at a barrel race and I put these on her overnight. She was like nothing ever happened the next morning

Reviewed by Jessie, 11/11/2014

All hail Back on Track Products!! I noticed my horse's hind legs were swelling and a friend of mine uses these on her horse, so I decided to give them a try and I was immediately converted! The swelling in my mare's back legs disappeared! I'll put them on her after an intense work out, overnight or during travel. These things are amazing! Definitely getting another pair for her front legs as well!

Reviewed by Tonya, 10/10/2014

I use these wraps on my TB that tore a 30% in her deep digital suspensory tendon back in July. After the first week of using the BOT wraps she stopped limping! Now after 3 months of using the wraps she is running around like there's nothing ever happened. She wears them everyday!! I truly believe she healed faster because of the wraps. Thank you BOT!! :) now only a few more months left!!!

Reviewed by Ashley, 08/18/2014

These wraps REALLY DO WORK! I have a few success stories to share from using these wraps!
We had a long weekend hauling to barrel races, then my barrel horse had to stay in his stall overnight during a bad storm. I went out in the morning, and he had his quick wraps on his front legs, but I didn't have any for his hind at that time. Only his HIND LEGS stocked up because they didn't have the wraps on! (We have a dirt floor in our stall.)
I recently went to NBHA Youth World for 9 days & the stalls there are all concrete. We put rubber mats down & lots of shavings. Other horses that were stalled near us were stocking up, even with standing wraps on. With my quick wraps on, my horse didn't stock up once!
My 16 year old barrel horse has some mild arthritis in a front leg, with the use of these quick wraps every day, I have seen improvements in his barrel runs! Before, he was just slightly off with a limp that wasn't visible, it could only be felt by me. Since having these quick wraps, using them daily has helped him. He isn't off anymore and now he stretches out and runs every time!

Reviewed by Alicia McLain, 07/31/2014

I have been using these wraps on a mare who put her foot through a tin wall a couple of years ago and has scarring and stiffness from it. When I got her last year I also noticed that her stifles popped alot. She's pastured, and with my work schedule, she only wears the wraps 2-8 hours throughout the week. I have noticed the scar tissue getting softer, and her stifles aren't popping as much. As for durability, I accidentally left the wraps on her one night when I turned her back into the pasture in the dark. She's black, they're black. When I got home yesterday, the wraps were still on her and even though where I have to keep my horses is grownup with weeds, etc, the wraps didn't have any damage. I know she rolled, she had sand burrs in her tail and mane. They are very easy to use and wash great. I'm definitely impressed all the way around.

Reviewed by Paige, 07/18/2014

This product is amazing! I had pulled my cutting horse out of the pasture and realize her leg was swollen and she had a slight cut. And due to the fact I was going to the trainers that morning I put these and the hock boots on her back legs. And when I got there about 30 minutes later the swelling was GONE I mean she looked like she had perfect young legs for being 19. She also worked very well that day. I also use these right before a rodeo and they help a lot. I will always be a customer

Reviewed by Michelle, 05/24/2014

Just got these for my TB mare who has stocked up due to standing in her stall because of our prolonged winter weather. Used them today for a short period of time and when I took them off I could feel warmth on her leg that wasn't there before so I know they are doing their job. She is a smallish TB, about 15.1, and I ordered the 14" for her hind (after measuring) and they fit pretty well. I think the 12" would have been too small but I did order the 12" to have on hand for her front. I am not used to wrapping so these are going to be great for me!

Reviewed by Michaela, 03/28/2014

I have a young retired standardbred mare who fractured her pastern while racing. I bought her unknowingly, and only really discovered it this winter when she got really stiff in the hind end. My tack shop only had the no bows in stock so I got those, and ordered the quick wraps! I immediately felt the heat from her leg, and after about a week worked up to keeping them on over night. She is no longer stiff at all, runs in the pasture like crazy, and rides much better! I also bought the polos for riding and they work great! I'm ordering the mesh sheet soon! Back on track products have been a total life saver. I'm now confident we can get back to jumping this summer, which I didn't think possible before she got her leg wraps! She's at a boarding barn, so the quick wraps are much better, as my Bo has no problem taking them off before turnout! Can't recommend these products enough. Everyone at my barn is starting to get on board with the back on track products!

Reviewed by Emmy, 01/30/2014

I love these wraps! I have an aging barrel horse that stocks up easily. Previous owners fed him bute when stalled. I wanted to find something better for him, so I gave BOT quick wraps a try. I was AMAZED! He no longer stocks up and rides better. I am getting another pair for my younger horse too. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

Reviewed by Brittany, 08/24/2013

Wow! These are absolutely fantastic. My horse suffers from Chronic Lymphangitis due to multiple cases of cellulitis. These wraps make her "fat leg" look like a normal leg in no time! You can actually see where the back on tracks stop because the leg goes from skinny to fat in a very defined line on her leg. I just started adding a hock wrap with the quick wrap and her leg looks fabulous, it also has helped greatly with her hock sores. I can't say anything bad about this product, expensive, but worth every penny.

Reviewed by Primo Show Stables, 07/11/2013

I have a horse that has had a bad injury to his leg and needed help with circulation without having to put a pressure bandage on. The Quick Wraps have made all the difference in the world! It has improved his circulation a lot and still helps on the days that I work my horse hard. I also love it for horse shows when they are stuck in a small stall after hard work. This is my favorite product!

Reviewed by SCWDressage, 04/09/2013

These are the bomb. The first time my horse trailered in them, he rode 8 hours. He walked off the trailer like he'd been walking in a pasture for 8 hours instead. Normally he'd be a little wobbly legged. I will not trailer him without them now. I'd give ten stars if I could. Also the quick wrap style is outstanding for those youngsters who can be moving targets and make it difficult to get leg wraps on.

Reviewed by Abby Walsh, 03/31/2013

Fantastic product! My horse developed an abscess and thanks to the leg wraps it popped within three days of him first coming up sore. Increases blood circulation, greatly reduced his windpuffs and helped drastically with his strained tendon. I will definitely be buying more products when I can afford it :)

Reviewed by Maya, 10/20/2012

I have a horse with very bad tendon injuries and using the boots several hours a day 4 days a week made a HUGE difference in the scar tissue. It has helped break down the scar tissue and made the legs so much more flexible. It just works!!!

Reviewed by Blair, 09/02/2012

AMAZING product and results! I was skeptical when I put them on as my gelding didn't seem to care for how bulky they are but the velcro held great and now he's used to them. And after 2 days his swelling is pretty much gone! He suffered a ruptured extensr tendon down by his fetlock and I thought the swelling would never go away. I'm so relieved and am actually hopeful I may be able to barrel race him again with how wonderful these boots are:)

Reviewed by Diane, 08/26/2012

These are amazing! Simple and easy to put on and my mare loves them! The quality is superb and worth every cent! They even fit big boned Friesians and stay on perfectly. I closed the velcro, as I do with other wraps, when I washed them and had no problems. A+++++ product!

Reviewed by Emily A Bullard, 05/24/2012

Your quick wraps are wonderful. As a LAMP, I recommend them to my clients all the time. They helped to save my mare. She had a terrible case of lymphangitis last year and we had a terrible time keeping the swelling down. Your wraps have not only gotten through the initial swelling, but have kept her from having any residual issues. Truly an amazing product!

Reviewed by Sally, 04/07/2012

My Gelding stepped on the back of his right front with the toe of his right hind in an exuberant play in turnout. The wraps make a big difference. I took them home to wash and he was without them for 24 hours and it is obvious that he needs to be in these wraps at night.

Reviewed by Lianne Bousquet, 03/28/2012

Have been using these for the last 4 months on 21 year-old mare with leg issues (swelling, stiffness etc). We haven't had any issues since we started using the leg boots. Her legs have never looked better. As a matter of fact, I just ordered the Knee boots for my 6 year-old who keeps spraining his knee.
Also, these boots are very easy to put on and she loves having them on. Great products.

Reviewed by Tanya, 01/13/2012

I was very skeptical that these wraps actually do what they say they do. I gave them a try and couldn't believe how amazing these wraps really are. Everything they say is true. My horses legs are nice, warm and tight after use. Any swelling or inflammation is significantly reduced. I highly recommend these fantastic and easy wraps.

Reviewed by Avery Griffin, 11/30/2011

The quick wraps are the greatest thing I have used in a long long time. After a few weeks, the wind puffs are gone. I love these bootst and have bought two sets for all of my horses.

Reviewed by Kelly, 11/27/2011

This is an amazing product. I have a 5 year-old horse that never had lameness issues or stiffness issues. I tried everything. Such as, lunging him, wrap his legs,stall rest for couple months and the vet came out and couldn't see him that night. I didn't know what to do so I bought this item. Couple days later, he's back to new and now a month later he his perfect.

Reviewed by Alilally, 10/08/2011

Amazing! These wraps aid healing so much and get the swelling down quickly - reducing inflammation without the use of drugs. No time waiting for drug withholding periods - an amazing product. Buying the blanket now to give that a go.

Reviewed by Robyn Morningstar, 09/27/2011

The BOT Quick Wraps were our lifesaving product of the summer! I bought them after my TB had some periodic swelling in his tendon that nothing else seemed to cure. I put these on him overnight and the next morning, my boy was totally sound! And happy, too! No heat, no swelling, and he has been totally sound ever since!
These are truly an amazing product that everyone should have. Thank you, BOT!
You rock!! :) I should add (for other readers, especially) that we used them one additional time after that first night (used them two
consecutive nights in a row), but we mainly only used them the 2nd night as somewhat of a "security" measure to ensure his legs were
good and happy. He showed no signs of soreness after night #1. :)

Reviewed by Marlene, 05/03/2011

Great results on my rehab gelding. I purchased the wraps (and the mesh sheet) for an FEI gelding given to me as a rehab project. He was uncomfortable when standing, stiff in his front legs and stumbled often under saddle. Long, long walk warm ups were essential and he was often off in the left front. I put the wraps on a minimum of an hour before I ride or when I am trailering. Warm up time and stiffness is much reduced! Since using the wraps and sheet, he is sound, happy and returned to competition. Great products. Thank you.

Reviewed by Mayday, 05/03/2011

Great concept. I was so delighted on the the simplicity of these leg wraps, but I have to say I thought I had them on tight enough but they slipped down and the pillows got torn up the first time I tried them.So the next attempt was when I could keep an eye on my boy before my competition for several hours and his wind puffs were down, after using these.

Reviewed by Pat L, 05/03/2011

Super Easy and Quick.
I loved the Quick Wraps when my horse injured himself. They took the swelling down really fast. Not having to use poultice or sweats was great, my horse has sensitive skin and we had no scurfing or other issues.

Reviewed by Amy P, 05/03/2011

Easy to put on and work great. My horse had a suspensory ligament injury, and I talked to my vet about using these wraps, he was all for it. I really think that they helped my horse recover quicker. They are so simple to put on, no one can mess them up like regular wraps

Reviewed by Korie, 05/03/2011

These work Great! I will sometimes put these on when we trailer to horse shows and it helps with the warm-up process for my show horse.

Reviewed by Michelle, 05/03/2011

Excellent Product! I purchased a pair of these for my OTTB who had been pin fired on the racetrack and then popped a splint. These boots seemed to really help speed up the recovery time and the Velcro made taking them on and off very easy!

Reviewed by Laura, 05/03/2011

Extremely Quick and Useful. My 19 year old gelding had a strange soar on the back of his fetlock. We tried everything to get rid of it and nothing was working. Someone suggested to go without standing wraps. That succeeded in maintaining the condition rather than worsening it, but did not get rid of it. A friend lent me her quick wraps, and within a few weeks the sore were GONE!! I had to give back the wraps, but that sore still has not returned! Back on Track fixed it!! Great product!!!!

Reviewed by Rachael L, 05/03/2011

Never use liniment again! I had an OTTB that always stocked up, no matter what I did. I became a pro at using pillow wraps. I discovered these quick wraps and my life changed. Not only are they so much faster then using pillow wraps, you save money from not using liniment, and they work. My boy had the tightest legs around. They work so great!

Reviewed by Josiane, 05/03/2011

I bought this for my 5 year old Standradbred mare. I bought these for my 5 year old Standardbred mare because she raced. Being so young she had trouble with her back legs. She would stock up really bad at night and it would make it hard on her. I bought these Quick Wraps about 2 weeks ago and I really see an improvement.

Reviewed by Chelsea, 05/03/2011

"The Quick Wraps are Amazing! My horse has an old wind puff, and after wearing his quick wraps, its almost not even noticeable anymore! Love your products!"

Reviewed by George, 05/03/2011

Great Product. I bought these for my retired Grand Prix jumper and they do wonders for him!!!! :)

Reviewed by Kathleen, 05/03/2011

Really works! I have an OTTB and he had some wind puffs. Notice the HAD part. I use them a couple of weeks a month and they haven't come back.

Reviewed by Kristin, 05/03/2011

Great, easy to use wrap solution! Quick Wraps. I purchased these for my 17 year old mare who is competing at the FEI dressage levels. She tends to get really big wind-puffs in her hind legs, particularly when stabled at night. Currently, she wears her wraps every night. They are easy enough to apply that I don't have to worry about who puts them on. Since using them, I seen a noticeable decrease in the amount of fluid in her legs and she is much less stiff in her hind joints. My only issue is that they are hard to wash- the Velcro sticks to everything on the wraps. As for function, I give them an A+!

Reviewed by Wyatt, 04/29/2011

Wonderful! These are great for anyone to use. Much simpler than a wrap, so any groom can put it on. Windpuffs and any thickness in the legs will disappear in days.

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