Therapeutic Mesh Sheet -- Black

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$199.00 - $249.00

The best-selling Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet may be helpful for horses that show sore backs, tight muscles, arthritic issues, or a tendency to be stiff. Wearing the Mesh Sheet following anything from a trail ride to a showing may help your horse recover and prepare for the next day of competition or exercise. The Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet is made with state-of-the-art Welltex material, which reflects your horse's own body energy, creating a soothing far infrared thermal effect. This effect may increase blood circulation, helping your horse's muscles recover, stay loose, and become less inflamed. In the warmer months, the Mesh Sheet may also be used 30-45 minutes before exercise to help loosen your horse's muscles. For optimal results, the Mesh Sheet should be used anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight. This product is often combined with the Mesh Neck Cover.

Included: One Sheet

Colors: Black

Sizing: To find your horse’s blanket size, start at the center of the chest and measure around to the center of the tail, in inches and then subtract 3. Sizes 60"-69" run small. Please view our sizing chart for further instructions on how to measure your horse.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lauren, 02/22/2017

Recently purchased this sheet and it's been awesome! I have a mare who is generally pretty nervous and can get sore around her shoulders, and this seems to help her. I'll put it on in her corral when I work another horse and notice her relax as she watches us, and have also noticed it relax her when tied to the trailer. It doesn't completely stop her moving and pawing, but she definitely isn't as bad as she's been previously. She also gets nervous in the trailer, and sweats profusely, and I notice when I haul her with this, she doesn't seem to sweat as badly. I do notice sweat around the shoulders were it is almost nylon lined to prevent rubbing, but under the rest of the sheet is fine. No matter the weather, this seems to be where she sweats with this sheet. With no sheet even in cooler weather, this mare usually comes off the trailer with sweat, so the blanket has been great for her. My horses are usually cool to the touch under it even when its a warm, sunny day, but you'll notice the warmth if you let your hand sit underneath the blanket on their skin. Hoping to add another sheet to my barn so I don't have to juggle it between horses! You can't go wrong with Back on Track! Side note: I put leg straps on mine, and it stays on very well even when the horses roll or move around.

Reviewed by Maureen, 10/20/2016

My 17 yr old Paso fino,has had mobility issues. The vet suggested getting the Back On Track mesh blanket after her acupuncture session. The next month she gave Lacey a stunning report. She said she was moving 1,010 times better than a month ago.... I'm convinced that the blanket made that possible

Reviewed by Stefani, 05/22/2016

I bought this sheet a while back for my appendix mare. I only used it once before she passed unexpectedly. I just purchased a 5yo ottb gelding and he's in dressage training. He's amazing but he felt just a tad stiff backed on our last hack so my trainer suggested I toss the sheet over him while grooming before our lesson. I did that and OMG he was even more amazing. I love both even more now.

Reviewed by Taylor, 01/03/2016

I absolutely love this sheet!! My barrel horses back used to get very sore easily and would cause her a lot of pain and she would have to see a chiropractor every month. Ever since I started using this sheet on her her back is totally relieved and sees a chiropractor every 3-4 months now but only as a checkup because she barely has to get adjusted!! Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Crystal, 12/31/2015

I bought this for my PSSM gelding who is very stiff in the hind end all the time. I did as suggested and am now leaving this on 24x7. He gets upset when I take it off and moves out so well in it. He is turned out 24x7 and I know it's not supposed to be used for turn out, but a PSSM horse doesn't do well stalled. He's shown a marked improvement, and he is being ridden regularly and is actually eager to go out, now.

Reviewed by Bayou barreling, 11/13/2015

Won a BOT therapy blanket at a show and put it on this past weekend at our finals. My gelding has sacrum and rump muscle soreness. He felt so great warming up. The best he's felt all year! And we ran our fastest time ever! I'm a believer!

Reviewed by Shaiann Kellogg, 05/25/2015

Amazing! I always use this on my barrel horses in the trailer and they don't come off stiff like they used to.

Reviewed by Tayler Owen, 05/13/2015

I love this sheet...My mare is older and love this to loosen her up before a ride, while trailering or at shows I usually put this on first thing in the morning and let her "cook" along with her BOT hock and quick wraps ...I have noticed a much looser horse which helps since we do eventing....much less time warming her up...I love love love this sheet...especially during the cooler and colder months.

Reviewed by Baili, 12/14/2014

I recently bought Back on Track for my 18 year old barrel horse. At the local arena, we have consistently been running 19.1 seconds. Yesterday, before the race, at the same arena, I put his Back on Track on for about 3 hours. (Note that this is the first time he has had it on) He then had it off for an hour, and still stayed warm. He ran a 17.1, the fastest time we have ever run together. I can't thank you enough Back on Track for making my horse feel so good.

Reviewed by Baili, 12/13/2014

I bought this sheet along with leg wraps, the neck cover, knee and hock boots for my 18 year old quarter horse who has consistently been running 19.1 seconds at the local barrel races. After only three hours with the back on track he ran a 17.2. I was very unsure at first, but now I am most definitely a believer.

Reviewed by Ashlynn, 10/20/2014

Best ever! I can tell a huge difference in my 19 year-old gelding who competes every weekend and was getting sore every week,and needed to see a chiropractor every 3 months, but now when he goes to get checked they always say he perfect...I also have an 18 year-old mare that would get sore just after a workout, but I got her one too, but now she is never sore. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't want a sore horse.

Reviewed by Ashley, 08/18/2014

I have had this product for about 6 months or so, and it has made be a BELIEVER! My barrel horse was out of alignment in his hips/pelvis area, and this helped him deal with it until a chiropractor could come out to adjust him! I did a pain test on him before using the sheet, after a week of using it I pain-tested again, and I saw a tremendous improvement! He also warms up a lot faster wearing this, and he stays a lot more limber. He lives in this sheet and his runs have gotten better. I will always recommend Back On Track to my friends!

Reviewed by DZhunter, 12/19/2013

Now that I have the mesh sheet I purchaced 2yrs ago, my horse and I can't go without it. In fact he pretty much lives in it during winter. Being almost 17, I got tired of my horse coming out of his stall for a ride, feeling like a "Pretzel" and taking at least 20minutes to warm up. I desided to buy a sheet.Well worth the money,even though the price is a little steep.I do Love it!

Reviewed by Carlos, 10/31/2013

My OTTB mare loves this blanket. She gets tied up when the weather starts to get cold and I put this blanket on her for 24/7, except when she is outside or when I'm riding and absolulty loves it. She is not tied up anymore and she jumps with more power.

Reviewed by Ashley Randel, 10/26/2013

I was lucky enough to win one of these sheets via a Facebook contest and could not be more grateful. My 17 year old OTTB has been wearing the sheet before work along with the hock wraps and I have been seeing small improvements. We had a sudden cold spell and I ended up throwing what I had on under her sheet, as the wind was frigid. She has been wearing the sheet for four days ( with daily comfort checks) as of today and I was so surprised at the change in my usually curmudgeonly mare. With a blown suspensory and dropped hind fetlock, as well as other injuries from the past, wear and tear from 4 years of racing, abandonment and a late blooming eventing career, Foxie has always been furiously cold backed and since her suspensory injury, stiff sore and not herself. Today she offered to kick me when I went to remove her back on track sheet - she didn't want me to take it off! She was much more free in her movements under saddle and felt sounder than she has in the past few months. She is also much more of her normal self - bright, curious and a little sassy. So happy that this sheet is able to relieve some of her pain and allow her to enjoy the work we do under saddle. This sheet is a gift and I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to use it to help my mare. Hope that a true blanket liner will come into existence soon!

Reviewed by SCWDressage, 04/09/2013

Wonderful product, lightweight and really works wonders on my sensitive-backed horse. It does run a little bit big and fits fairly loosely, and being jersey will tug back over the hind end a little so if you have a mare that might need more room to pee I'd size down. Stellar, I leave it on him all the time.

Reviewed by Sadie, 06/10/2012

My horse is an 11 year old KWPN gelding who I suspected had some back issues, but he was never astonishingly sore. I borrowed the Back On Track mesh sheet from a friend and it completely changed the way my horse moved! He's so much happier in the bridle now and so much more willing to work!
I love the Back on Track products!

Reviewed by Shannon Richardson, 09/27/2011

They got me to Nationals and through with a horse the vets said nothing could be done to keep a 12 yr old arthritic mare sound enough for the riding it takes to get a horse ready for QH Nationals ... use the blanket on her full time for 4 days before the show and quick leg wraps for 4 hours a day for the 4 days before then I bath her the day before the show and put all the BOT back on and they are on till warm up and then back on till show time... Sound and no swelling... I couldn't have ask for anything more... Got a High Point on her in her last open show as well... Going to be a Mom next but I really enjoyed finishing out her career on such a high and only because my race track daughter told me you have to try these! Thanks BOT

Reviewed by Review by Gabby and Sadie, 04/29/2011

I am an active 3 Day Eventer and this blanket is a show staple! After every phase my horse wears it for a few hours, and I swear that is what gets her ready for the next day. Her attitude is also greatly improved. I would not leave for a show with out this blanket. Thanks SO much for your great products that contribute to a great weekend of showing

Reviewed by Andrea B., 04/29/2011

Love it!
Bought this last year for my horse with a sore back. After using it for a couple weeks, I noticed it was stretching down much more easily and readily than before. It definitely made him happier and made him feel better. I love it!

Reviewed by Laura, 04/29/2011

A good product all around. I have been borrowing various Back on Track products to use on my now 19 year old Russian Warmblood gelding for almost 2 years now. Within a week of using the Mesh sheet he was so much more comfortable! Since then, I have had to give whatever I was using back, and every time he went without the sheet or whatever else I was using (for several months) I would begin to see some issues again. Finally, I bought my own Mesh sheet in December, and once again I have seen a huge improvement in his sore spots. Overall, I have a much better feeling horse! I love Back on Track products and so does my horse!
I would recommend them to anyone!

Reviewed by Joe, 04/29/2011

One of the most used items at the barn. The mesh blanket is worn by several of the horses prior to their daily workout. It's been the best warm-up for all the horses. A noticeable, positive difference is seen in the performance of the older arthritic horses. Can't have enough of these at the barn.

Reviewed by PlatinumErika, 04/29/2011

Love my Back on Track Mesh sheet!!! I have been using my Back on Track Mesh sheet on every horse when they are done working. I see a huge improvement in the attitude and looseness of my horses! My 23 year old TB hunter was coming out stiffer and stiffer before I used the blanket on him. Now he wears the sheet before he works and then again after. It has taken years off him! He's back to jumping 2'6" again!!! I use the sheets while shipping, and found that the horses come off the truck more relaxed! I have also found that keeping the sheet on under a scrim or cooler at the ring during horse shows, keeps my horses and ponies softer and looser requiring less of a "warm- up".

Reviewed by Luann, 04/29/2011

These rock! I love how these sheets keep my horses warmer then coolers in cold weather. They warm up the horses' whole body while I groom them. They are wonderful at shows to keep the muscles loose between classes. Every horse deserves one!

Reviewed by Miranda Crume, 04/29/2011

Love this sheet!! This sheet is AMAZING! I use it on all my horses before they receive any kind of bodywork. I also used it with great success on an elderly gelding that is chronically body sore, put him back to bucking in the fields for the first time in years!!!

Reviewed by Lex2004, 04/29/2011

Great product. I have a rather long backed gelding. He is a 6 year old hunter and on the 3rd or 4th day of a horse show he became very sore backed. He also gets sore through his shoulders. I put this blanket on when he goes on the trailer to the horse show or a riding lesson and unless he's in tack, he's wearing it. He has not had a sore back or shoulders since I started using this product. It allows him to feel (at least to me!) the same on day 5 as he does on day 1! I love it!

Reviewed by Kiera Anglewicz, 04/29/2011

BoT Mesh Sheet. I have a friend who recently purchase the Back on Track Mesh Sheet. She was having problems with her gelding bucking, sore back and bad attitude when she rode. The first day she set the Mesh Sheet on him and then rode he was a different horse. No bucking, he was relaxed and not once did his ears go back while she rode. It was amazing! I have since tried the Mesh Sheet on my sensitive Warmblood (he has a very cold back) and it has made a world of difference. I no longer have to lunge him before I get on to 'warm' his back up. I am saving all the extra money I have to buy one of these!!! A MUST have for any horse owner!!!

Reviewed by Maddie, 04/29/2011

Recently bought the Back on Track mesh blanket for my horse Maddie. Maddie was very lazy and after ruling out any medical issues, I tried the mesh blanket. Literally over night her movement and attitude changed. Maddie was good at lifting her back, but now she has started to rock back and almost float in the front. Her energy level is up and I am able to work on collection instead of just driving her forward. I have invested in a blanket for my arthritic dog and wrist bands for myself and have had great results. Thanks for these great products!

Reviewed by Heather & Mozzafiato, 04/28/2011

Amazing and Recommend to Everyone! I have a TB hunter who competes in Hunter Derbys and Working Hunters she has the typical cold back you find with the breed. I was using the No Bow wraps with her during shows to tighten up her tendons and sooth her legs after a hard day. When I heard there was a sheet for her whole body I ran out to get one! Since using the sheet her gaits have improved, she's no longer sensitive under saddle, and her attitude has improved! She visits the chiropractor every couple months and right after an adjustment she wears her sheet for a few days. I have gotten rave reviews at ringside about her and I don't skip a beat I always say 'I use Back On Track and it's made a huge difference in her performance!' Thanks for the amazing product line it has improved my horses life immensely!

Reviewed by Lauren, 03/22/2011

I have had this product for over a year. My gelding has a horribly sore back and lives in his sheet. It has helped him tremendously especially through the winter. I put it on under his turnout blankets and it keeps him from getting a tight and sore back. I bought a second one for my other gelding and have the exercise sheet and hock boots as well. I love these products and recommend them to everyone I meet.