Therapeutic Horse Back Pad

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$69.00 - $79.00
The Back on Track Therapeutic Horse Back Pad may help alleviate discomfort in your horse's muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Our customers have used this product in a number of ways, for both injury prevention and recovery. By reflecting your horse's own body energy, the Back Pad creates a soothing far infrared thermal effect which can help to relax and loosen your horse's muscles prior to exercise or help with recovery time after exercise. A hook and loop strip detaches and may be sewn into an existing blanket to secure it to the horse or may be used with a surcingle.

Included: One Pad

Colors: Black 

Sizing: The 3' x 3' Back Pad will cover a 3 foot length of your horse's back and the 3' x 4' Back Pad will cover a 4 foot length of your horse's back. Please view our sizing chart for further instructions on how to measure your horse.

Instructions for Care: Please view our Instructions for Use and Care of Back on Track Products.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Gemma, 10/05/2016

I recently invested in a handful of Back On Track products. One of which is this back pad. The first thing my trainer does when she sees him all wrapped up is say "wow he loves to be cooked huh?". Back on Track has truly changed my horse's overall happiness. I own a 20yr old OTTB who had a stressful life until I got my hands on him. I use 2 of these back pads while he's on the cross ties, one on his neck and one on his back/butt. We lunge in one of them before we ride and then he is soft and relaxed. But what is truly amazing, and this may seem strange, but when he has this back pad on he finally drops. My horse is wound up like a cork screw and he has never in the 10 years I have owned him voluntarily dropped out of relaxation. This is huge for us!! No more fighting to check for beans. Just throw on the back pads, wait 10 min and there we go! No need to call the vet to sedate him anymore which is stress off both of our shoulders. Thank you Back On Track for truly making my horse happy ;) We won't stop buying until we have a bubble suit of Back On Track.

Reviewed by Heidi, 04/25/2014

Love it. My sweetheart of a mule had a sore back. I bought is and put it on his back, and press down so it hugs his back. Then I leave it on while I get him ready for a ride. Take it off for the ride (though I might try rigging it to the saddle to use as a quarter sheet as another reviewer suggests). Go for a ride with a nice loose backed free moving mule. Poetry! After the ride I put it on him while I do all my post ride stuff. He is a John mule (which means gelding if you don't know mule speak) and his male parts drop when he has this on. Which means he is realllllly relaxed.

Reviewed by Colleen, Georgetown Stable Outfitters, 05/24/2012

My vet loves your products. Lately, I've been using the back warmer pad on my horse before riding and it really helps. Yesterday, I put the pad on before the vet came to do some chiropractic maintenance on my boy. She was so impressed with how warm his muscles were! She has always recommended the BOT products to her clients, but after feeling how "deep down warm" Roo's back was, she said she was finally going to buy a sheet or pad for her own horse. (She has been using the hock warmers on him, but not the sheet/pad.) Keep up the good work! Back On Track ROCKS!

Reviewed by Flamingo, 05/03/2011

Versatile comfort to share. The back pad has been a great solution to having two horses of very different sizes, and a limited budget. It pins neatly into their stable sheets (mine predates the Velcro option). I've been known to 'borrow' it for my own use, especially on the truck seat driving home from a show.

Reviewed by Steph, 04/29/2011

Chiropractor approved. This pad is the perfect solution to sore back and hips on a limited budget. My horse has been under chiropractic care for years and since adding this pad to his stable sheet we have both noticed quite an improvement. He is so much more comfortable and is much happier overall.

Reviewed by Tigger, 04/29/2011

Good for the back. I have a horse that tends to get back sore and being able to warm the muscles up before riding and keep them from cooling down to quickly after riding has greatly improved his back soreness!

Reviewed by Heather, 04/29/2011

Great on the back/SI joint & on a budget.
I opted for the back pad over the quarter sheet for budget reasons, but I have found that is was a great decision more for it's versatility. My horse has SI problems so I needed to keep that area warm during riding more than his back. I have rigged it using the d-rings to use it as a quarter sheet w/out the bulk under my legs. I Velcro it under his blanket. I have used it under the saddle as a back pad, as well as sat on it in the car on the way home for my own back. I could feel the warmth! I have lent it to others in my barn who loved it as well!

Reviewed by Jen, 04/29/2011

Economic Solution.
I was unable to afford any of the blankets, but I wanted to be able to treat my horse's back. This was a fabulous solution. I pinned it into a fly sheet for all year around comfort. I use it prior to riding as pre-warm-up for the back. I think it's a fabulous product. The first night I bought it, I slept on it myself and it's wonderful!

Reviewed by Megan, 04/28/2011

Amazing Pad
My 17 year old TB completely wrenched his back... so much that he was lame on his worse side. He went on 2 weeks of Robaxin, had acupuncture, had massage... but he still wasn't recovering as well as I'd like. My acupuncturist told me to by the back pad. I was not totally sold that it would work.... but I bought it anyway...

I've ridden in the pad for 2 weeks now. My horse is back to jumping cross-rails and when I palpate along his spine, he has little to no reaction after I've used the pad. I'm totally sold, on the fact that the Back on Track Back Pad was the final piece of the puzzle. LOVE IT and it's totally worth the $80 I spent (and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the hock boots!!)