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Get Back In The Saddle Sooner with Back on Track Horse Products

 "Everything has been excellent, by using the Back on Track leg wraps. We do a better job of the horse’s legs and we’ve stopped sing poultice so it cuts down on the problem of drying out the legs and skin irritation. When using the Back on Track blankets, we’ve noticed a great difference in the horses’ backs.
  We can go longer between the chiropractic treatments. This is a wonderful product that
keeps our horses in great shape." 
McLain Ward, Olympic rider: gold team medal

Black Therapeutic Mesh Sheet

Blankets & Sheets

Shop our wide selection of therapeutic equine blankets and sheets made with Welltex technology.


Therapeutic Saddle Pads

Saddle Pads

Choose the right saddle pad to promote increased blood flow, keeping your horse's muscles loose for everyday riding.

Royal Quick Wraps

Boots & Wraps

Boots and wraps for ankles, bells, hocks, knees, legs and polo users.

Therapeutic Equine Shoulder Guard

Head & Neck

Browse our therapeutic equine products made with Welltex technology for your horse's head and neck.

Riding Helmets

Riding Helmets

Trauma Void's EQ3 Helmet with MIPS technology: The next step in brain protection technology for the equine industry.

Limber Up

Horse Health Products

All of our products are BSCG Certified Drug Free competition safe, Veterinary Recommended.