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Head & Neck

Therapeutic Equine Shoulder Guard

The Should Guard was designed using Welltex material to optimize freedom of movement in the horse's shoulders, and minimize rubbing and chafing caused by blankets.

Poll Cover

The Poll Cover attaches to your horse's halter or bridle and is made with Welltex material, which can help to ease tension in the poll or jaw of your horse. 

Therapeutic Equine Head Cap

This head cap may help with tenseness and stiffness in the horse's poll or head area as well as to calm horses that are easily excitable, distracted, or nervous.

Therapeutic Horse Mesh Neck Cover

Sizes range from 60" - 90". Designed using breathable mesh coupled with Back on Track's Welltex material, this product can be used prior to exercise or following exercise.

$79.00 - $99.00