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"After reading about the Back on Track pain relief garments, I gave Luna a gradual three-day build-up wearing a Back on Track dog blanket, after which she was ready to sleep in it overnight. The results were amazing. After one month’s use, Luna’s slight lameness had gone, and she was now enjoying off-lead walks and running with the other dogs … something I never thought she would do again. Luna’s agility training has resumed, and I am building her up gradually. At the moment, she is only jumping small heights but I am hopeful of competing with her again in the future" 
Louise Raine, Agility Trainer, owner and trainer of - Agility Champion Borderstorm No Regrets

Back on Track blankets help hard working competition dogs by keeping their muscles loose and supple before and after events. You will be amazed by the improvement in how your dog moves!  Back on Track products are excellent for injury prevention as well as speeding up recovery time after an injury.

Our products are for ALL dogs young or old; competitive or just the family pet. 

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Therapeutic MESH Dog Blanket

Gentle warmth helps reduce inflammation, eliminating many of your dog’s aches and pains

$79.00 - $109.00

 Your dog's own body warmth makes this blanket therapeutic

$79.00 - $109.00
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