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Organic Rosehip Powder for Animals

Rosehip for horses has become an increasingly popular nutritional supplement, providing a variety of scientifically-proven health benefits. Back on Track offers organic rosehip that’s perfect for daily use to help your horse maintain a healthy immune system. Not only does rosehip for horses help keep the digestive tract functioning properly and prevent specific illnesses, it also contains many antioxidants, Vitamin C and much more. To best suit your horse’s needs, our organic rosehip powder comes in 1.5 lb. (34-day supply) and 3 lb. (68-day supply) bags! All you need to do is give your horse 1 scoop a day to start seeing results. Shop our organic rosehip powder below to make your horse’s daily routine that much better! 

Rosehip 3 lb Bag

Back on Track's 3 lb bag of Rosehip is a 68 day supply and can help your horse maintain a healthy immune system.

Organic Rosehip
Rosehip 1.5 lb Bag

The 1.5 lb bag of Rosehip is a 34-day supply and should be administered daily as part of your horse's health care regimen.