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“My dog PimPim has been stiff and limping in one foreleg for some time now, with no obvious cause. I preferred not to give him pain killers and was looking for other alternatives. This is when I came upon the leg wrap from Back on Track.  Already on its second day of use I felt that PimPim seemed to be less stiff, and after a week there was no stiffness left whatsoever. Since then he hasn’t been limping either. In the beginning I was rather skeptical that the leg wrap could remain in place during agility-training or during wild play with other dogs. But after having tested it all I can say is SUPER!"  Malena Knutsson, competition leader and agility instructor 
Back on Track dog leg and hock wraps are designed to reflect a dog’s own body-warmth. They create a soothing far infrared thermal heat, which can help alleviate pain associated with inflamed muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

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Therapeutic Dog Hock Wraps

Our Dog Hock Wraps may help relieve injuries more quickly and ease arthritic pain.

Therapeutic Dog Leg Wrapss

These Leg Wraps use your dog's own body warmth to relieve pain and inflammation.

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